Alkami Technology Appoints Gagan Kanjlia as Chief Product Officer

Alkami Technology, a prominent US-based provider of digital banking solutions, founded in 2009 and headquartered in Texas, has named Gagan Kanjlia as its new Chief Product Officer (CPO). With over 25 years of experience in the financial services sector, Kanjlia brings a wealth of expertise, having previously served in senior roles at Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) and Capital One. He was in charge of SVB's commercial banking solutions, which included loans and payments, across numerous product lines. Kanjlia also spent significant time at Capital One, where he held leadership positions and pioneered initiatives like the Capital One Garage, an internal accelerator and incubator.

Alex Shootman, CEO of Alkami, praised Kanjlia’s appointment, highlighting his entrepreneurial mindset and track record in developing and scaling market-leading financial products. Expressing his excitement about joining Alkami, Kanjlia highlighted the company's strategic position in enabling local and regional financial institutions to compete against bigger competitors. Alkami has recently expanded its client base, securing contracts with institutions such as IC Credit Union, Credit Union of Texas, and Elevations Credit Union. These partnerships underscore Alkami’s commitment to enhancing digital banking experiences through its cloud-based platform, catering specifically to the needs of US financial institutions.

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