Breez Co-Founder Roy Sheinfeld Advocates for Broader Adoption of Bitcoin Lightning Network

Roy Sheinfeld, co-founder of Breez, asserts that the focus on "orange pilling" — educating individuals about Bitcoin — should give way to technological integration to drive Bitcoin adoption. Sheinfeld, a veteran software developer, believes that while education has expanded the Bitcoin community, it is not sufficient for onboarding the next wave of users. He emphasizes the importance of incorporating the Bitcoin Lightning Network into existing applications rather than creating more Lightning-specific apps. Sheinfeld draws parallels to the digital camera's integration into mobile devices, which revolutionized behavior. He aims for Bitcoin's utility to become irresistible, fundamentally changing how people interact with money.

Founded in 2018, Breez has been at the forefront of Lightning Network innovations, initially releasing the first Lightning wallet and coining the term Lightning Service Provider (LSP). Recently, Breez has focused on developing its Software Development Kit (SDK), a free and open-source non-custodial solution that simplifies Lightning integration for companies. Despite challenges in changing perceptions about Bitcoin as a medium of exchange, Sheinfeld remains optimistic about Lightning's role in the broader fintech landscape. Breez is set to launch a business-to-business marketing campaign to bridge the gap between technology and its utility, targeting mainstream applications for Lightning integration.

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