Former Revolut Executives Launch Zeal, A DeFi Wallet and Crypto Debit Card

Developed by former Revolut employees, Zeal is a new DeFi wallet and cryptocurrency debit card that lets users spend bitcoin on everyday goods. 

Announced at DappCon in Berlin by Zeal's founder, Hannes Graah, who previously served as VP of growth at Revolut, the product is available as both a browser extension and a mobile app. Zeal supports onchain payments and everyday transactions through a Visa debit card, developed in partnership with Gnosis. This project comes after Gnosis invested $2 million and formed a strategic alliance with the goal of incorporating Web3 financial rails into the present payment systems.

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Gnosis Pay is used in Zeal's payment process to verify users' token balances in their smart wallets. 

This streamlines the process of spending crypto, making it practical for everyday use. Friederike Ernst, Co-Founder of Gnosis, highlighted Zeal’s user-friendly design, which eliminates the need for biometrics and seed phrases, making it ideal for newcomers to DeFi. The launch of Zeal marks a significant step forward in the DeFi space, providing a practical solution for cryptocurrency spending. Meanwhile, Revolut continues to expand its product offerings, including a new payment terminal for large businesses and a dedicated cryptocurrency exchange for professional traders.

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