Rapyd Expands Global Fintech Presence Under Shtilman’s Leadership

Rapyd's CEO and Co-founder, Arik Shtilman, founded the business after realizing how urgently the world needed a single platform to handle international payments. With his experience in cloud computing and entrepreneurship, Shtilman used his knowledge to found Rapyd, a platform that assists companies all over the world in streamlining their financial processes. Under his guidance, Rapyd has significantly expanded its global reach through strategic acquisitions, acquiring PayU for $610 million, Valitor in Iceland, and Neat in Hong Kong. Through these acquisitions, Rapyd's capabilities have expanded to more than 100 countries, enhancing its payment options to offer 1,200 different types.

Rapyd's growth is marked by its resilience and innovative approach to the digital payments sector, including the launch of end-to-end card-acquiring capabilities in Europe and expanded e-wallet services. The company has also ventured into supporting fintech startups through its investment arm. Shtilman’s leadership has driven Rapyd to the forefront of the fintech industry, establishing a model for dynamic and resilient global business practices. He takes pride in the company’s achievements and its ability to thrive under challenging conditions, reflecting a fearless drive and commitment to excellence.

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