Shift4 Acquires Majority Stake in Vectron Systems AG

Vectron Systems AG, one of the biggest providers of point-of-sale (POS) systems in Europe for the restaurant and hotel industries, was just purchased by Shift4, a pioneer in integrated payments and commerce technology. Vectron, a German company, runs over 65,000 point-of-sale (POS) facilities throughout Europe, offering a $27 billion volume potential, with low current payment monetization. Shift4 plans to acquire additional ownership of Vectron through a public tender offer expected to conclude next month, followed by de-listing and formal integration of the two firms. This acquisition will significantly expand Shift4’s European customer base and provide access to a distribution network of around 300 POS resellers.

Additionally, Shift4 has successfully acquired Revel Systems, a $17 billion payment opportunity, with over 18,000 merchant locations worldwide. Shift4 intends to leverage Revel’s direct sales and dealer distribution network to accelerate the distribution of its SkyTab offering, both domestically and internationally. Shift4 CEO, Jared Isaacman, cited the high demand for an all-in-one POS and payments solution in Europe, similar to the US market, drivingShift4’s continued efforts to redefine commerce by simplifying complex payment ecosystems worldwide, powering billions of transactions annually for businesses across various industries.

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