Temenos Achieves Sustainability Milestone with Cloud-Native Banking Platform

With its Microsoft Azure-powered cloud-native core banking technology, Temenos has achieved a noteworthy sustainability milestone. The benchmark, conducted by Microsoft, simulated a scenario with 25 million customers and 38 million accounts, resulting in 12 million loans processed in a single instance. The results showcased a 52% efficiency improvement compared to previous releases, demonstrating the platform’s ability to handle digital transaction demands while supporting banks' sustainability goals. This improvement, validated by GoCodeGreen, includes a reported carbon impact reduction of over 50% from a 2021 baseline, achieved through more efficient code and leaner architecture.

The enhanced sustainability of Temenos' platform points to a collaborative effort with Microsoft Azure towards decarbonization, providing banks with tangible energy savings and a path to meet their ESG targets. Christian Sarafidis of Microsoft and Tony Coleman of Temenos highlighted the strategic relationship aimed at transitioning the banking industry to a more sustainable model. With over half of global banking executives predicting a shift to public cloud data storage within five years, Temenos’ advancements reflect a broader industry trend. Additionally, tools like the Carbon Emissions Calculator embedded in Temenos SaaS help banks track and manage their cloud emissions, aligning with climate regulations and sustainability goals.

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