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Aspiration is in the business of fighting the climate crisis. They help people and businesses build a sustainable impact into what they do every day by making it easy, automated, and powerful — whether it is in the ways people spend and save their money or the ways businesses engage their customers and employees.


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Key Products

Aspiration and Aspiration Plus

At Aspiration, clients choose their own fee based on what they think Aspiration deserves, even if it’s $0. For any extra services such as a wire transfer, Aspiration commits to “All Extra Services Provided at Cost,” meaning that they’ll only charge what it costs them to provide the extra service.

Zero Credit Card

Customers can spend daily with Zero to neutralize footprint and earn up to 1% cash back. They can use rewards to plant more trees or receive a statement credit.

The Aspiration Redwood Fund analyzes companies’ sustainable environmental, workplace, and governance practices to find investments they believe are poised for growth.

Key Executives

Olivia Albrecht, Chief Executive Officer

Olivia is an experienced investment executive with passion for strategic business development, innovation, team building and sustainable finance. She has a track record of strategic vision, leadership, and client-centricity, resulting in meaningful business outcomes. She is a tested and effective public speaker across media platforms, large audiences and Board rooms.

Tim Newell, Chief Innovation Officer

Lead innovation in climate-friendly financial products and sustainability services for consumers and global brands.

Eric Anderson, CTO

Technology leader with solid accomplishments in cloud technologies, data engineering, architecture, governance, analytics, data science and business intelligence. He has proven successful in technology transformations from traditional to modern data architecture.

Irfan Kamal, Chief Impact Officer

Product, strategy, sustainability and marketing executive with over fifteen years combined experience working with leading entrepreneurs and F100 brands.

Michael Manzi, Chief Information Security Officer

An executive with 21 years of cybersecurity and IT transformation experience in the financial services, healthcare, research, technology startup, nuclear energy and manufacturing markets.

Cecilia Saez, Chief People Officer

Successfully scaled high-growth tech startups, completed M&A arrangements, shaped cultures and led domestic and international business expansion initiatives. She has a track record for driving long-term value by linking HR metrics to business performance.

Corporate Responsibility


Aspiration helps consumers to spend at businesses that are good to the environment and their employees.

1. Aspiration Impact Measurement (AIM)

The AIM feature shows personal sustainability scores based on purchases.

2. Conscience Coalition

Aspiration’s Conscience Coalition is a group of mission-driven companies that put social impact at their core. They commit to rigorous criteria, which means most are certified B corporations like us. They hand-pick partners focused on issues that protect both people and the planet.

3. Giving back

Every Aspiration community member plays a role in supporting organizations that are making the world a better place. Aspiration is a certified B corporation and 1% for the Planet member, so community members can be sure they put the planet and people first.

The Aspiration Redwood Fund aims to identify attractively valued, sustainable companies. They look at multiple environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors to find companies whose management understands that smart, long-term thinking is not only the right thing to do, but right for their bottom line. The Redwood fund is A rated as 100% fossil fuel free by the independent Fossil Free Funds.

Customer Insights

“You guys are honest and you care about your customers and the world.” – Steven B., Whitewater, WI


“Great customer service! Great interest rate. Sustainability conscious. World conscious.” – Spencer J., Phoenix, AZ


“Love the fact that you are helping the world and your customers. A win win situation.” – Dawn B., Tampa, FL