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Billd offers commercial subcontractors financing terms that align with their payment cycles. Supply chain finance has long been broken in construction, leaving contractors footing the bill for materials and labor far before they’re paid for their work. With a flagship product that offers 120-day terms on material purchases, subcontractors can now improve their cash flow to take on larger projects, finish projects faster, and grow their business.


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Key Products

Material Financing

Turns 30-day terms into 120 with any material supplier. Billd pays up front, client pays back Billd.

Pay App Advance

Unlocks the money already earned.

Key Executives

Chris Doyle, President & CEO

Doyle is a motivated leader with extensive experience in leading new business-line startup operations from concept to scaled operations and developing high-performing management teams. Prior to joining Billd, Doyle founded SiteCapture, allowing for easy data and photo capture at job sites.

Jesse Weissburg, Cofounder/CCO

Weissburg is a sales, marketing & business development professional with strong management, negotiation, and communication skills leading teams in the financial industries. He has a proven track record of building new products and launching successful sales and marketing strategies. He has contributed to the growth and successful acquisition of a mobile location advertising company leading the business development and sales strategy efforts.

Customer Insights

“Our partnership with Billd has proved very beneficial and promising for our cash flow needs. This team understands the unique and difficult place which subcontractors fall on the construction food chain. Billd also implements the needed security in order to make the financing process safe and clear. To top it all off, we have had nothing but pleasant, helpful interactions with the team!” – Lukas Montgomery


“We started working with Billd about a month ago. So far, four projects approved, advanced, and paid back. Super easy to work with, no issues at all. We really enjoy working with the Billd team.” – Maribel


“We are a $70M concrete sub doing multifamily and public work. I connected with Billd over the past few weeks and they have a unique and interesting approach to helping with the slow pay issue in construction. What I appreciate most is the fact that they really understand construction and how relationships work between the GC, sub and Supplier. We are looking forward to working with the Billd team more.” – Steve T.


“We’ve worked with Billd for the past two years and offer their products to our subcontractor customers as a flexible option for payment on occasion. Billd’s process is super easy, we get paid up front via ACH with clean communication so we can release materials to the jobsite quickly. Their supplier team has always easy to work with and responsive. These guys are no-nonsense outfit that know the industry well and look out for their customers.” – Brett Doty


“We’ve worked with Billd on several projects over the last few years and they have always been good to work with. They have a great team and looking forward to working with them on future projects.” – Rob Schmidt


“In my opinion most companies sell you in the beginning and and never follow though. I saw it first hand where our company was in a situation and Travis said he would look into and get back to us. Not only did he do what he said he was going to do but he actually rectified our situation at the time. That goes along way with me. I am happy at this time to say we feel like we have a partner with Billd thanks to Travis Mayor.” – Zachary Loraine


“The entire team at Billd is excellent the platform is simple to use and is complete with all the info you need to track your invoices.” – Gustavo Lima


“Billd has been a literal answer to our prayers as an organization. Being a sub-contractor has challenges, several of which Billd has eased.

Most notably, Billd allows us to procure materials and pay for them when we are paid by our clients. Rather than us financing the material purchases by either paying vendors upfront or Net 30, while still not having been paid by our clients, Billd pays cash to our vendors and we reimburse them when our clients release payment to us, up to 120 days. This frees up our cash flow and allows us to continue operating without constraint, creates better relationships with our vendors, helps us keep our promises to our clients, and keeps the synergy flowing within our organization.

Without Billd, there are several projects that would have been a financial burden to our company, but with Billd, we have a partner that understands the construction industry like no other financing company I have come in contact with. No predatory lending, real people that answer the phone, and most importantly someone in our corner. Our relationship with Billd was one of the best decisions I have made as an owner in the construction industry since I began.

Thank you Billd!” – Ashleigh Hernandez


“Fast and easy! Everyone is super friendly and knows exactly what to do. I am a forever customer.” – Mike Hogan


“Thank you was a pleasant and quick application and money came fast as promised. Helped our cash flow and ability to do more work” – Archinova Builders LLC


“Simple to use, consistent, and efficient. We have confidence takling jobs knowing materials are easily able to be secured using Billd.” – Jamie

Company Insights

“The leadership of this company is serious about professional development and letting employees take on big challenges that excite them. It’s exciting to look around and see the amount the company has grown and to consider how much I’ve grown as well.” – Josie Ballew, Chief of Staff


“Finding purpose in work is something a lot of us are looking for, and unfortunately, some never find it. With Billd, I’ve had the opportunity to learn, to grow, and to make an impact with colleagues who constantly strive to be always better. Solving big problems that plague the construction industry, doing it the right way, and having fun, has been great.” – Luc D’Abreau, Demand Generation Manager


“Grit. Always Better. Selfless. While most companies have “Core Values”, Billd holds theirs above all else, and it is transparent in the culture. Everyone is highly supportive & collaborative, which builds a genuine sense of unity across the office. Whether you want to grow professionally or individually, you can count on Billd.” – Rebecka Cadle, Senior Collections Associate


“I was looking to take my career to the next level, and Billd has empowered me to do exactly that. I’ve found a home that allows me to make the best of my skills and surround myself with smart, humble, and hard working peers.” – Francisco Michel, Director of Talent