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BillingPlatform is an agile, cloud-based monetization platform that automates quote-to-cash processes, with a concentration on billing. BillingPlatform’s flexible platform allows companies to monetize any offering, integrate seamlessly with any system, and create a frictionless experience that turns value into revenue. Millions of transactions, billions of dollars in revenue, and the ability to support any kind of billing model.


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Key Products

Extensible Data Model

Designed for market agility, the extensible billing data model enables enterprises to configure the solution to meet their exact business requirements without IT intervention. Add custom fields, adjust the layout of the UI and add widgets, all with point & click configuration.

Billing Integration

Take advantage of flexible billing integration needed to connect with critical front and back-office systems. Whether through robust APIs or pre-built connectors, you’re able to streamline everything from sales, provisioning and accounting–dramatically reducing errors and revenue leaks along the way.

Billing Automation

It’s more important than ever to automate business processes to address the intricacies of today’s enterprise operations. Whether it’s managing complex, multi-year contracts or converting manual processes, BillingPlatform provides built-in workflows for billing automation to streamline the financial close process, reduce errors and maximize efficiency.

Security & Control

Compliance and security are top-of-mind for any business in today’s global marketplace. Designed with a focus on enterprise security, BillingPlatform is the most secure cloud-based billing and monetization solution on the market.

Grow Your Business Beyond Your Borders

As subscription and usage-based billing continue to expand across the world, BillingPlatform helps you reap the benefits. With the ability to support any localized billing requirement including multi-currency, multilingual, regional tax support and more, there are no limits to where you can grow

Reporting And Business Intelligence In One

Access to the most granular billing data is the only way finance teams can assess the health of the business. With critical reporting capabilities from BillingPlatform, you get the agility and flexibility to dig deep into billing and usage data. This includes the tools to extract meaningful information at scale, plus the ability to translate those findings into actionable strategies you can share within your organization.

Key Executives

Dennis Wall, CEO

Dennis Wall serves as BillingPlatform’s Chief Executive Officer. Previously he was the founder of Cloud Sherpas – a leading cloud technology and advisory services firm. From its early self-funded growth, through strategic investment, multiple acquisitions, global expansion, and triple-digit revenue growth year-over-year, the company was acquired by Accenture in 2015.

Nathan Shinn, Founder and Chief Strategy Officer

Nathan Shinn, co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of BillingPlatform, is known for his tireless work ethic and innovative vision ensuring the success of his company, clients and employees.

Leonid Solomonik, Founder and CTO

With over 20 years in the software industry, and extensive experience in high capacity billing information systems, Leo is the driving force that makes BillingPlatform the most dynamic and flexible solution on the market today.

Shane Desrochers, Chief Revenue Officer

Prior to joining BillingPlatform Shane served as Chief Revenue Officer, for Marketing Evolution – a Media Measurement and Optimization SaaS Platform. Shane Desrochers was responsible for Marketing Evolutions’ global sales growth and more than doubled the company’s revenue during his tenure.

Kurt Andersen, Chief Marketing Officer

Prior to joining BillingPlatform, Kurt served as Chief Marketing Officer for Symmetry, a fast growing provider of SAP cloud managed services, where he led all aspects of marketing including branding and communications, press and analyst relations, demand generation, and channel development.

Brad Sawaya, Chief Financial Officer

Brad started his career with Ernst & Young in Silicon Valley, auditing many high-tech companies including Hewlett Packard. Since then, he has held leadership positions in Controllership and Finance with VMware, EMC2, and General Electric.

Customer Insights

“We selected BillingPlatform because it is an enterprise-grade solution that can seamlessly and efficiently support our diverse billing requirements. BillingPlatform’s functionality, including its ability to defer revenue with automated revenue recognition and scalability, supports operational efficiencies so we can focus on delivering new solutions across our customer base.” – Brian Herb, Chief Financial Officer, CCC Intelligent Solutions

Company Insights

“I love the challenge of working for a fast-paced company that’s at the forefront of technology. Couple that with our team that’s second to none, and it’s rewarding to know we’re working toward and achieving our goals.” – Kate Barr, Communications Director


“My experience at BillingPlatform has been incredible. I’ve had the opportunity to grow personally and professionally in a fast-paced, dynamic environment. I’m always learning new things.” – Andy Hoffman, Senior Sales Director


“We look at the customers and operate through a lens that is truly ‘customer first’ and I’m excited to be part of a team and company that makes advocating for clients a top priority!” – Alex Miles, Customer Service Manager


“My experience has been phenomenal and I love my team. The thing that gives me the most joy is how open everyone is to hearing ideas and ready to say ‘Let’s do that’ when trying new things.” – Stacey Davis, Project Manager


“Working at BillingPlatform made me grow as a professional. The culture and environment are respectful, supportive, and innovative. The company also values work-life balance, which is hard to come by these days.” – Sarah Crespo, Technical Writer


“Working at BillingPlatform has been the most fun and fulfilling experience I’ve had in my professional career. Every day I work in an extremely collaborative environment with really smart people.” – Morgan Stanton, CPA, Senior Product Manager


“The people I have met and work with on a daily basis are amazing and incredibly patient. Everyone shares the same goal and is willing to put in the work to achieve it. I’m so glad I made the move over to BillingPlatform!” – Ryan Stoetzel, Senior Customer Success Manager


“I assert my own ideas on projects, and feel my opinions and contributions are highly valued. I work with a great team of people who care about my work, but also me personally. I’m very confident in the company’s leadership as they guide BillingPlatform toward continued growth and success. It’s an exciting time to be here!” – Cheryl Lynn, Technical Enablement Manager


“The BillingPlatform team is hard-working and easy-going, a combination you don’t often find. Working with like-minded people who are both professional and reliable has been an incredible experience for me, and I only expect it to get better from here.” – Jade Dylan, Service Delivery Engineer


“Working at BillingPlatform gives me the opportunity to work with an amazing team of dedicated professionals and feel like I am able to make an immediate impact!” – Kara French, Content Manager


“BillingPlatform does a great job attracting and retaining great people, and they support those great people with investments in the right mix of technology, process and additional resources to enable the role and company overall to be successful.” – Jon Olson, Senior Director, Sales Development & Operations


“BillingPlatform is extremely supportive and has provided me with unrivaled training and mentoring, and importantly also the autonomy to perform my duties and succeed. A forward-thinking company with brilliant open minds leading the charge!” – Mike Gerges, Business Development, APAC


“I love working at BillingPlatform because the team is very supportive and open-minded, and I like working with our technology teams all over the world!” – Luidmila Mileuskaya, Senior Technical Recruiter


“BillingPlatform has challenged me to learn new and innovative ways to solve problems. It’s a very dynamic work environment. Exactly what I was looking for.” – Andrew Ryan, Director of Application Support and Customer Relations


“BillingPlatform has given me ample opportunities for hands-on creative expression within both the product and the marketing organizations. It’s a fast-paced learning environment. It’s been exciting to watch the company grow, and to be part of its success.” – Tomasz Juras, Director of Graphic Arts and User Experience