San Francisco, California

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Category: Cryptocurrency
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Binance.US provides a regulated marketplace built on cutting-edge technology for everyday access to digital assets. Their vision is to accelerate America’s transition to a digital era. It is FinCEN regulated entity in the United States. It is a cryptocurrency exchange that provides a platform for trading various cryptocurrencies.


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Key Products

Buy Sell and Convert

Advance Trading


Choose which crypto you’d like to stake, how much of it, and we’ll do the rest.

Over the counter (OTC)

Through this portal, trades are negotiated directly between the buyer and the seller. It does not provide a public order book listing all the trades. This enables large sums to move quietly—without the potential to disrupt markets.

Key Executives

Brian Shroder, President & CEO

Shroder is a savvy and accomplished business executive. He brings an entrepreneurial spirit and innovative thinking to many of the world’s most prestigious and transformational companies such as BCG, Uber, Ant Financial, and Binance.US. Shroder’s experience and expertise spans several industries and multiple business functions including strategy, corporate development, business development, fundraising, regulatory and government relations, and general business operations.

Jasmine Lee, Chief Financial Officer

Lee has a wealth of experience in corporate leadership. Prior to her work at Binance.US Lee served as the Chief Operating and Financial Officer of Consumer Product and Engineering at PayPal. She also served as the Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer of Acorns.

Sidney Majalya, Chief Risk Officer

Majalya has worked with virtually every business and G&A unit (sales, marketing, product, finance, engineering, people): at the most successful ridesharing platform company in the world (Uber); at one of the most successful software and hardware companies in the world (Oracle); and now at the most significant chip manufacturer in Silicon Valley history (Intel). Managing legal and compliance risk effectively has enabled these companies to scale, expand globally and succeed in the marketplace. Coupled with his decade of work at the DOJ and significant law firm experience, he is uniquely positioned to help technology companies navigate the many legal and compliance hurdles they face.

Tammy Weinrib, Chief Compliance Officer

Weinrib is a financial crimes compliance professional providing in-depth knowledge and experience across the financial industry, covering all aspects of BSA/AML, Regulatory, KYC, & FinTech Compliance. With subject matter expertise in developing and implementing end-to-end Compliance Programs, including design of FinCEN and KYC regulatory frameworks; development of FCC and AML policies, procedures, and controls; assessment of firm’s compliance, regulatory and reputational risks; management of Internal Audit and regulatory exams and investigations; and creation of Targeted Training frameworks.

Carol Mackinlay, Chief People Officer

Mackinlay is a pre-IPO and post-public human resources executive with a background in scaling companies by recruiting the right team, setting the culture, creating processes to make things hum, and building financial footings for a successful company. She coaches and consultants for executive teams and corporate boards for all types of matters – particularly executive compensation and financial strategy.