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Branch is an insurance company that uses data and technology to make insurance easier to buy and less expensive for all. With Home, Auto, Umbrella, Renter’s, Motorcycle, Boat, and ATV coverages available, they make it easy to get the great coverage clients need with the savings they deserve.

Through their instant-bind process, they can get clients covered in seconds. They can even bundle home and auto insurance in as little as 37 seconds—something that can take hours with other insurance companies. Branch 5-star rated insurance lets clients customize their coverages to their needs and has saved customers an average of $548 per year.

At Branch, they believe deeply in the power of community to make insurance better, cheaper, and more accessible for all.


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Key Products

Auto Insurance

Auto insurance contains 3 main components that cover specific protections and circumstances and can vary by both state and insurance provider.

Here’s a brief list of what’s in auto insurance:

1. Liability insurance has two layers: BI/PD, which is insurance shorthand for bodily injury and property damage. Both are for if a client’s vehicle injures someone else or damages someone else’s property.

2. Uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM) coverage is pretty straightforward. If a client is in a collision with a motorist who has no insurance or their insurance is lacking, UM/UIM has their back.

3. Personal injury protection (PIP) is like a warm apple pie on a chilly day, cozy and comforting through and through. PIP won’t prevent clients from being injured, but it does help cover medical costs associated with a collision.

4. Physical damage coverage has two main components that work in tandem to cover the broadest array of damages that could happen to a client’s vehicle: Collision and comprehensive.

5. Collision is for damages a client’s car had an active role in.

6. Comprehensive coverage is for when a client’s car receives damages while it was just hanging out minding its own business.

Home Insurance

1. There’s Dwelling Protection – Helps pay to rebuild and repair physical aspects to homes if they get damaged by a covered loss

2. Personal Property coverage – Personal property includes furniture, clothes, media, electronics, jewelry and other accouterments kept in a house.

3. Personal Liability coverage

Renters Insurance

Umbrella Insurance

An umbrella policy goes beyond basic home and auto policies by shielding clients from claims that are not otherwise covered:


Branch started SafetyNest® to reduce financial inequality in America, focusing their efforts on eliminating the issue of uninsurance so everyone can afford the protection they deserve.

Key Executives

Steve Lekas, Cofounder and CEO

Steve Lekas is the Co-Founder and CEO of Branch Insurance. Previously, Lekas was a senior vice president, product, strategy, finance & marketing at Verisk Analytics and product director at Allstate. Lekas earned an undergraduate degree in marketing from Kent State University.

Joseph Emison, Cofounder and CTO

Joseph Emison is the Co-Founder and CTO of Branch Insurance. Emison began his career in 1994. Before joining Branch Insurance, Emison was a CIO and CTO at DMGT and before that a co-founder and CTO at BuildFax. Earlier in his career he founded BUILDERadius. Emison graduated from Yale Law School with a JD in law and from Williams College with an undergraduate degree in english and mathematics.

Arkadiy Goykhberg, Chief Information Security Officer

Arkadiy Goykhberg is the Chief Information Security Officer of Branch. Goykhberg first got his start in 1997 as a Senior Network Security Administrator at Merrill Lynch. From there, he went on to Dresdner, before eventually rising to CISO at DMGT, his most recent position prior to joining Branch. Goykhberg graduated from Stony Brook University with an undergraduate degree in information systems, business and applied mathematics.

Brian Brizard, Chief Business Officer

Brian Brizard is the Chief Business Officer of Branch Insurance, which he joined in 2021. Previously, Brizard co-founded and was an executive at Home Point Financial and before that a Founder and President at NoMiedo. Earlier in his career he founded Pioneer Mortgage. Brizard earned an MBA from Wayne State University and an undergraduate degree in business administration from California State University-Sacramento.

Corporate Responsibility

When people from diverse backgrounds come together to focus their collective energy towards a goal, industry-changing ideas emerge. Diversity expands Branch’s field of vision and enriches their relationships. At Branch, they recognize that creating a diverse workplace is foundational to future success.

When people with diverse perspectives and experiences feel empowered to bring their unique thoughts and ideas to the table, they generate more innovative solutions and deliver exceptional products and services to communities.

Branch recognizes that there are forces within society and industry that suppress diverse voices, perpetuate inequality, and limit expansive growth opportunities. Branch is committed to the ongoing work of combating these structural inequities by building a vibrant culture based on diversity, inclusion and equality – a place where all can belong and thrive.

Branch invites each other to show up authentically each day. They look for positive intent. They are curious about each other’s stories and celebrate unique journeys. They value differences and are united in a mission to establish Branch as a force for communal good.

Customer Insights

“I’ve been a Branch customer for a few months now. Recently, our family experienced a car accident and I’m SO glad that I was with Branch when it happened. We have two school-aged kiddos in several extra curricular activities so dealing with a claim on our car was the last thing we had time to deal with!! Luckily, our claims guide was extremely helpful, guiding us through each step and providing updates on the status of the claim. They were so proactive about the entire process and that really helped with our peace of mind. Would definitely recommend them to friends and family!!” — Hailey S.


“Current Branch insured – here to say that my claims guide was outstanding! Really positive experience in a situation that could have been a nightmare if left in the wrong hands. I got the impression that Branch truly cares about their customers and their well-being. And that goes a long way with me!” — Matt M.


“The claim service is amazing, always present to answer every kind of question you may have. You just have to let them know, and the answer comes to you at the time you need it.” — Franc L.


“Very cool company with a great mission, easiest purchase experience. Amazing claims team as well, had to deal with an unfortunate fender bender and their service was top notch. Highly recommended!” — Adrian C.

Company Insights

“I’m continually impressed by how supported I feel as a member of my team and the company culture as a whole.” — August


“At Branch, employees have a high degree of autonomy and the space to use their experience to build a wonderful organization.” — Kelly


“I love working at Branch because every employee shares the same vision. That creates a family atmosphere, even in a rapidly growing company.” — Christie


“We’re constantly celebrating our successes, setting new goals, and at the same time succeeding in our mission to be a force for good in the world.” — Matt