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Founded in 2018, Buckzy Payments Inc. was created with a vision to transform cross border payments into a real-time payment scheme. Within a short span of time, Buckzy has grown to become a global leader in enabling cross-border payments and financial services, empowering leading financial institutions and fintechs worldwide to deliver innovative and modernized financial solutions and service offerings.

Buckzy enables a real-time cross border payment network and Banking-as-a-Service on an embedded finance platform that is secure, scalable, modular and compliant. Their platform offers over 200 APIs that can be utilized for any transaction banking use cases and customer journeys to deliver modernized and innovative financial products and solutions.

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Key Products

Global Payout Network

With Buckzy’s global payout network, clients can make payments across the globe just as easily and fast as any real-time domestic payment.

Global Payins Network 

Buckzy’s multi-currency collections account makes managing clients’ money across the globe easier than ever. It enables clients to collect funds, pay suppliers, move money between different currencies and be open for business across the globe 24 x 7.

Banking as a Service (BaaS) 

Buckzy’s network enables Banking as a Service with real-time cross-border payment functionality at its core. This includes multi-currency accounts, bulk payouts and so much more.

Fintech as a Service 

Buckzy combines their real-time cross border payments infrastructure and natively-developed services with those of our best partners, along with over 200+ APIs to help clients to build something extraordinary.

Key Executives

Abdul K Naushad, President and CEO

Abdul K Naushad is the President and CEO of Buckzy, which he first joined in 2018. Previously, Naushad was a CEO & co-founder at PayCommerce and before that worked as a President at Fusion Software. Earlier in his career he worked with Digital Equipment Corporation as a software engineer. Naushad earned an MBA in business from Penn State University.

Brian Hendry, Chief Financial Officer

Brian Hendry is the Chief Financial Officer of Buckzy. Before joining Buckzy, Hendry was the CEO of The Mint Corporation and before that a CFO at Upstream Works Software Ltd. Earlier in his career he worked with Groome Capital Advisory Inc. as an associate of corporate finance. Hendry graduated from The University of British Columbia with an MBA in finance and from Queen’s University with an undergraduate degree in finance and accounting.

Carlos Garcia, Chief Operating Officer

Carlos Garcia is the Chief Operating Officer of Buckzy Garcia first got his start in 1996 as a senior managerial information systems analyst at First Company. From there, he went on to Western Union, before eventually rising to vice president of global payments operations at nanopay Corporation, his most recent position prior to joining Buckzy. Garcia graduated from Fundação Getulio Vargas with an undergraduate degree in business administration.

Lisa Freeman, Global Chief Compliance Officer

Lisa Freeman is the Global Chief Compliance Officer of Buckzy. Before joining Buckzy, Freeman was a compliance director at Veem and before that a regional compliance officer at FINTRAC. Earlier in her career she worked with Future Electronics as a trade compliance trainer. Freeman graduated from Concordia University with an undergraduate degree in psychology.

Company Insights

“Our Global Payouts offering provides real-time cross-border payments. A single integration with this offering enables our clients to access multiple payout networks across bank accounts, wallets & billers. Clients could scale up across various geographies we operate in, to optimize their efforts during business expansion.” – Sarah Lambert, Senior Vice President, Marketing


“Our multi-currency collections solution helps our customers in managing the collection and distribution of funds on a global scale. This powerful and easy-to-use solution helps them collect funds, pay suppliers, move money between different currencies and be open for business across the globe 24×7.” – Chitti Babu | Global Head, Strategy, Growth & Partnerships


“Our Banking as a Service offering is designed to allow neo banks to build end-to-end flows with real-time cross-border payment functionality at its core. We aim to enhance customer experience by providing a wide gamut of services such as multi-currency accounts, FOREX services, a white-labelled portal, and many more for you to choose from.” – Umesh Maini | Chief Product Officer


“We are a fintech-focused firm offering super-fast global payments and banking services along with significant cost reduction through our blockchain-enabled platform. We aim to add many components to our platform to make it a modern next-generation solution to support complex use cases for fintechs across the globe.” – Abdul K. Naushad | President and CEO


“For both neobanks and traditional financial institutions, staying relevant i today’s ever-changing market is of utmost importance. This is where Buckzy can be your partner of choice. Our robust platform with 200+ APIs along with an ever-expanding cross-border payments network can help you create customized solutions for your customers and stay ahead of the competition.” – Seema Rai Nair | Vice President – Customer Success &Network Expansion


“I believe Fintechs would benefit greatly from Buckzy because we eliminate borders completely for our clients. During a time of globalization and the prevalence of e-commerce it is critical for businesses to be able to operate all around the world. By partnering with Buckzy we can support their multi-currency collections and cross-border payments.” – Bob Merali | Director, Treasury and FX Trading


“Our solution provides marketplaces multiple options to enable payments for end customers. It also provides options for sellers on e-commerce platforms to receive payments and make payouts with ease. Moreover, these solutions are secure and easily integrated; curated to support the growth of both marketplaces and their sellers.” – Carlos Garcia | Chief Operating Officer


“Multinational companies with a global workforce can tap into Buckzy’s real-time salary payment solution across 70+ countries. Our global payment infrastructure takes away the complexity of payments in your international business.” – David Granic | VP of Technology