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São Paulo, Brazil

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Capitual is a multi-currency digital bank, aimed at individuals and institutions. Founded in 2019, it aims to transform the way people connect with cryptocurrencies and fiat currencies, facilitating the everyday use.


Key Products

Cap Business

Multicurrency corporate account that has services for batch payments, control of user permissions and many other tools to help companies in the financial sector.

Cap Conta

Personal account where you carry out traditional banking operations using digital currencies, cryptocurrencies and different types of fiat and precious metals.


Capitual’s innovation laboratory, focused on projects involving blockchain and Web3, being responsible for the finalist project of the Lift Challenge Real Digital of the Central Bank of Brazil in the production of its CBDC.


Payment gateway that accepts crypto assets and makes instant conversions for online or physical commerce.

Cap Settle

Transaction service for exchanges or other business modalities, using fiduciary currencies and liquidity in cryptocurrencies.

Key Executives

Jeffrey Santos

Jefrey Santos is Co-Founder and CTO of Capitual. He has already developed large projects in the area of innovative technologies as a blockchain engineer, gaining experience in the market for conventional and decentralized payment solutions. He has already participated in projects for solutions involving core-banking, brokerage and match making. Before joining Capitual in 2018, he was co-founder and Blockchain engineer at WhiteDev, Brazil (2010-2014) as well as CTO and co-founder at Forteras Technology, a development company focused on blockchain (2014 -2017), was a Mozilla volunteer contributing to the Firefox and Firefox OS project and also participated in open source projects associated with mobile, cryptoactive and Web3 systems. He was a speaker at the World Blockchain Summit in Singapore (2019), Malta AI & Blockchain Summit

in Malta (2019) and at the Blockchain Economics Forum in the US (2019). Jefrey holds a degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Vitória (MULTIVIX).

Guilherme Nunes

Guilherme is Co-founder and CEO of Capitual. He has already achieved many milestones with Capitual’s rampant expansion to other countries and managed collaborations with major international exchanges. He contributed concepts in the Ethereum network project, about standards for ecosystem tokens. He has vast knowledge about consensus protocols, Web3 and DeFi. Before joining Capitual in 2018, he was founder and Blockchain engineer at WhiteDev, Brazil (2010-2014) as well as CEO and founder at Forteras Technology, a development company focused on blockchain, where he developed the software from the exchange Fortex, Brazil (2014-2017), also with professional experience in consulting in B2C and targeting companies that intend to implement disruptive technological solutions in their business model. He was a speaker at the Business Leaders Group-LIDE event in Lisbon, Portugal (2023). He holds a degree in Mathematics with an emphasis on Actuarial Sciences from the University of São Paulo (USP), Economics from the Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV) and cryptography from Stanford University.

Gustavo Rezende

Gustavo Rezende is Capitual’s COO. Before joining Capitual in 2019, he worked at Banco Santander (2015) and at ThomasGreg & Son (2017), where he gained financial experience with traditional banks and contributed innovative ideas and solutions on how traditional finance can develop with the technologies of the crypto assets world. He managed partnerships with large companies, leading and mediating with great success. Gustavo holds a degree in Production Engineering from the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) in the state of São Paulo and Business Management from the Kaplan Business School in Chicago (USA).

Corporate Responsibility

Capitual works to bring financial decentralization to everyone, it is a company that thinks about evolution together with society and believes in how the integration of new technologies is fundamental for good development.

It also ensures that it is an increasingly innovative place, including its employees, providing a good environment and with that we reap good results.

Not only do we work with the empowerment of each person within the cryptocurrency market, with informative and educational content on our channels, we can offer everyone free of charge and also without charging fees in our applications, effective ways to achieve our goal of decentralization finance, for all people globally.