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Category: Payments
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Crunch provides a combination of expert advice and slick, powerful, and easy-to-use accountancy software developed in-house, making lives easier for thousands of freelancers, contractors, and small businesses in the U.K. Crunch has won an array of prestigious national awards, and recently beat the target of its first-ever crowdfunding raise, attracting the interest of investors seeing business growth potential from further product development. They’ve recently expanded their software by launching their ‘Crunch Free’ software for Sole Traders and Limited Companies and have seen significant growth in their community. As developers at Crunch they’re aiming to make the software more accessible than ever by making our new internal API’s public.


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Key Products

Discover the UK’s most cost-effective online accounting software and service, saving time and money on client’s accounting.

Allows clients to keep up to date on finances and taxes with Crunch’s built-in accountancy software and client managers available. No need to overpay for expensive software or a traditional accountant anymore.

Crunch Free

Free online accounting software offering everything needed for small business. Easy-to-use and forever free, Crunch Free is the great place for business accounting needs.

Crunch Sole Trader

Specifically designed for sole traders, at amazing value. Offering both software and service, this is the perfect plan for sole traders. Crunch Sole Trader will cover day-to-day accounting needs without the added confusion, at the best price on the market.

Crunch Limited Company

Crunch Limited Company combines amazing accounting software, with 24/7 professional support for established limited companies.

Self Assessment

Crunch accountants and administration team will complete a client’s Self Assessment, and file it with HMRC for a one-off price.

Key Executives

Robert Grant, Head of Accounting

Robert joined us in 2016 as our Head of Accounting. He is a fully qualified FCCA accredited accountant and is also accredited by the ACMA.

Dillis Qin, Accounting Service Manager

Dillis started with Crunch in 2010 directly after finishing her Master’s degree in Business Management. She initially joined as a client manager but thanks to the excellent training and career development here at Crunch, she was able to become a fully qualified ACCA accredited accountant and is now one of their Accounting Service Managers.

Lucinda Watkinson, Deputy Head of Accounting

Lucinda is the Deputy Head of Accounting and has been helping startups and small businesses with their accounting for over 12 years. Lucinda is a fully qualified FCCA accredited accountant and since Lucinda joined the Crunch team in August 2015, she’s worked tirelessly to ensure their industry-leading accounting processes are streamlined and accurate.

Corporate Responsibility


Crunch is committed to the principles of the Modern Slavery Act 2015, eliminating and making a stand against offences of “slavery, servitude and forced or compulsory labour” and human trafficking. Crunch is proud to have been an accredited Brighton Living Wage employer since 2017. The Living Wage is independently calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK and considers the amount that allows a person to live, rather than just survive. Crunch is not directly at risk of Modern Slavery, but they acknowledge that some of the partners in their supply chain may carry a risk and the necessary steps are in place to mitigate this risk.

Business activities and relationships

They value the quality of their business relationships with their clients, suppliers and partners based in the UK or abroad and have no evidence that any modern slavery or human trafficking has taken place in their supply chain. They’ve started the process to include obligations to comply with labor standards into their third party supplier contracts. In the event that any such activity is suspected or found to have taken place by existing suppliers and partners, swift action will be taken as part of our contingency planning processes in the event that a client, supplier or partner is found to fall below the standards we expect.

Customer Insights

“Simple process with great service! Zoe made everything so easy from the emails to confirm call times, to explaining the process, T&C’s, how it all works etc. A star!” – Sol Cooper


“I honestly have no idea what I’m doing when it comes to accounts or banking… yet somehow I’m running a company. I can say that thanks to the Crunch team who always have time to answer my questions that could be about their platform or just how tax works.”- Rob


“Andrea is incredibly knowledgeable and was so helpful to me today. She went above and beyond and called out areas that needed to be sorted out in my accounts that I didn’t even think about. Thank you again.” – Grant Murray


“These guys have been fantastic in getting our mortgage sorted. I was concerned that it would be a nightmare as we are both contractors and I have less than a year’s worth of accounts. But Jamie was confident that wasn’t a problem – and so it proved! A quick and easy process – would definitely recommend!” – Valentina


“Having been self-employed very recently I was a little worried at the offers which may be available to me if any. Having spoken to another broker who informed me I would have no choice but to take a mortgage with higher interest rates I came across Crunch… The application was processed at lightning speed and I was always kept in the loop and informed of updates. Highly recommended and very affordable, worth every penny.” – Zain Sultan

Company Insights

“I started as a Client Manager eleven years ago, and Crunch keep on offering me new opportunities. I’d never have thought I’d be where I am now!” – Helena Mann, Head of Transformation and Product


“We’ve worked with Crunch for 6 years. They are a very professional bunch – they know their market and their customers inside out, the techies are very impressive and the testers are hot. They are also fun to work with, and based in Brighton, which makes the odd face-to-face meeting a joy. If you have the opportunity to work with them, I’d snap it up!” – Ken Whipday, Co-founder, TripCatcher