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Category: Insurtech
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EIP Limited is the market-leading provider of white-labeled InsurTech software and a plug and play digital marketplace to enable leading corporations to offer subscription insurance products to their end customers. The company enables subscription-based insurance providers to reduce costs, maximize profits and upgrade their digital customer experience.

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Key Products

EIP Core

Their EIP Core SaaS brings the complete insurance scheme management under a single platform.


EIP App enables your customers to purchase an insurance policy, make a claim, manage their portfolio and more. The patent-pending features within their innovative insurance app help to increase customer engagement.


EIP Web is a digital insurance platform with a difference. A self-service web portal that lets customers manage their insurance policies and claims online.

Key Executives

Ross Sinclair, CEO

From an early background in the insurance industry followed by several years on the insurance board of Carphone Warehouse PLC, Ross has spent the last 22 years working with mobile device insurance across some 30 countries.

As one of the founders of EIP he has helped transition the core business from delivering managed services on device insurance to its position today as a market-leading software provider.

Bernice Woolley, Managing Director

Bernice is a number cruncher by trade but combines that with a hint of IT and Business Development, a generous pinch of management leadership and a healthy splash of humor and resilience.

Ed Hemburrow, Chief Operating Officer

Ed has been with EIP for over 10 years and manages the company’s operations.

Ed has spent the last 20 years working in the device insurance industry and has extensive experience in large-scale, multi-country program management. Ed has been with EIP for over 10 years and manages the company’s operations.

Keiron Dempsey, Chief Technology Officer / IT Director

Keiron is a techy by trade and has built up over 20 years’ experience building bespoke insurance platforms to support affinity, investment and protection illustration and management systems.

Keiron has been involved from the start in the design and build of their EIP Core platform right the way through to their current offerings.