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EverC is focused on powering growth for the online seller ecosystem, from payment providers to marketplaces to merchants. With the world’s first fully automated, AI-driven cross-channel risk management platform, we are transforming the internet into a safe and trusted place for ecommerce. 

Our easy-to-use solution rapidly detects high-risk merchants and transaction laundering, removing fake, illegal, and dangerous products and services. We also continually monitor activity to mitigate ongoing and evolving risk.  

Founded in 2015, the EverC team comprises domain experts in risk intelligence, data science, fintech, payments, and financial risk. To learn more about how EverC can help your organization manage ecommerce risk to attain safe, sustainable growth.

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Key Products

1. MarketView is the only data-driven, fully automated solution that enables marketplaces to identify, detect, and remove hazardous, and counterfeit products so they can avoid costly fines, revenue loss, and reputational damage that come with these risks. Through groundbreaking, AI-driven technologies and expert insights, MarketView generates findings with over 90% precision.

With an agnostic approach, MarketView integrates smoothly into existing solutions and processes. Some of the largest marketplace platforms in the world trust the solution to help  onboard sellers at scale, identifying and automatically removing illicit products without ever compromising enterprise-level security.  

2. Powered by AI, MerchantView is an automated, easy-to-use merchant risk intelligence platform that uncovers transaction laundering and additional risk factors that no one else can detect. MerchantView analyzes billions of data points to provide precise risk intelligence throughout each stage of the merchant life cycle, with rapid yet thorough risk assessment at onboarding, followed by ongoing monitoring to protect against evolving risks. 

MerchantView powers growth for Tier 1 acquirers and payment providers by transforming the internet into a more transparent and trusted place for ecommerce.

Customer Insights

“We joined forces with EverC to fight product counterfeits as part of our effort to create a shopping experience that is engaging yet safe and secure for our customers.” – Joe Yan, CEO of Wish

“Since our partnership with EverC began in October 2022, we have scanned more than 78 million listings with an over 95% precision rate, ensuring a more secure online shopping experience for Wish users.” – Erin Brusseau, Director of Content Moderation at Wish 

“We chose EverC for three reasons: (1) The symmetry we could see and feel between the company’s DNA and ours, especially on digitalization and customer experience (2) The quality of their technology, which made it possible to detect relevant alerts. (3) The ability to conduct testing, which significantly improved our detection capability, accuracy, and quality. Looking ahead, I see a strengthening of our collaboration. We have a lot to accomplish together.” – Younés Sakat, Acquirer Fraud Manager at BPCE Payment Services

“The EverC team has demonstrated a commitment to ensuring that we are utilizing the solution to its maximum potential. Ideas from back when we started five or six years ago have now been implemented, so I know we’ve been heard. At the end of the day, EverC makes all our jobs easier. We maintain peace of mind knowing that everything is being thoroughly checked. I believe in EverC and their mission.” – Danny Adame, Director of Operations/Risk at Fortis

“Reputation means everything. Using proven partners approved by the card brands puts you in the best position for optimal approval rates and chargeback adjudication as well as remaining compliant. EverC is a name brand endorsed by the payment schemes that our industry trusts.” – Dan Garcia, Senior Director Payments, Risk & Compliance at FastSpring

“As soon as we have a question, we get an answer really fast, and that’s critical when dealing with potential fraud/violators. Also, the platform is constantly evolving because EverC proactively looks for ways to improve the product features and functionality, welcoming feedback from our team.” – Helen Ignatova, Risk Manager at FastSpring

“Having the ability to seamlessly upload merchants en masse or individually has helped us to add suppliers more efficiently. Using MerchantView is actually enjoyable and doesn’t feel like a chore.” – Steven Miller, Risk Manager at FastSpring

“Working with EverC has been a positive experience for our fintech company. EverC has consistently delivered excellent customer service throughout our partnership. Whenever we encounter any issues or need assistance, their support team is responsive and helpful. EverC has demonstrated a deep understanding of our needs and a willingness to go above and beyond to address our concerns promptly and efficiently.”  – L.P., Head of Compliance at Zota


  • MarketView: Over 30 million product listing scanned and classified daily product listings can be classified in minutes over 90% precision in identifying infringing items.

  • MerchantView: Over 320 million sites scanned and classified with 200 million entities with more than 211 million connections in our knowledge graph, our solutions have the capability to identify hidden connections between websites for visibility into merchant’s entire ecosystem 88% Year over Year increase in NPS score by our customers.

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Key Executives

Ariel Tiger, Chief Executive Officer

Ariel Tiger is the visionary CEO of EverC, a cross-channel risk management provider transforming the internet into a more transparent and trusted place for ecommerce. Utilizing groundbreaking, AI-driven technologies, EverC’ s scalable solutions power growth for global marketplaces, top financial institutions and payment providers. 

Ariel’s dynamic leadership encourages the global team to pioneer game-changing technology in an ever-changing industry. Prior to joining EverC, he was a founding executive at WeWork and M&A Investment Banker at Deutsche Bank Securities.

A graduate of the Israeli Naval Academy, Ariel spent years in commanding positions in the Israeli Navy. He holds an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Under Ariel Tiger’s leadership, EverC is propelling a new era of trust and transparency, making the company a driving force for safer digital commerce.  

Ishai Froind, Chief Product Officer

Ishai Froind is a conscientious, results-driven Chief Product Officer (CPO) with a stellar track record in propelling growth for ecommerce and technology organizations. His leadership style is characterized by a people-first approach and a remarkable ability to transform vision into profitable products.

Ishai is known for his strategic understanding of big data and ecommerce, which enables him to pivot between big-picture thinking and a thorough, detail-oriented approach. His ability to swiftly (yet kindly) zero in on flaws in logic sets him apart.

Prior to joining EverC, Ishai spent 15 years at eBay, where he conceptualized, led, implemented, and evangelized a number of strategic initiatives. He holds an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Fernando Castellanos, Chief Revenue Officer

Fernando Castellanos is a leader with proven track record of building high-performing teams for SaaS companies, identifying business needs to establish processes and solutions that have a tangible impact on organizations’ growth. These needs include implementing best practices, building go-to-market plans and pricing strategies, and scaling enterprise sales to unlock new growth opportunities.

As Chief Revenue Officer, Fernando works closely with the GTM and leadership teams to forecast measurable goals and deliver exceptional results. Prior to EverC, he led strategic revenue divisions at Forter and Merkle Science. Fernando holds a J.D from Universidad Anáhuac and leadership certification from Harvard Business School. He also is a contributing member of the Forbes Council on Business Development. 

Assaf Zohar, PhD, Chief Technology Officer

Assaf Zohar possesses a unique background of academic research and deep experience in growing tech companies. As Chief Technology Officer at EverC, he applies his experience in data science to solve complex global financial problems with technologically advanced solutions that blend the most cutting-edge technology, including AI, LLMs, and machine learning, with human insights and expertise.

Prior to joining EverC, Assaf excelled in leadership roles at ActiveFence and SimilarWeb. He holds an MBA from Tel Aviv University, as well as a PhD in neuroscience and multiple degrees in neuroscience, mathematics, and biology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 

Ayelet Ribak-Lehmann, Chief Operating Officer

With more than 20 years of expertise in business operations, Ayelet Ribak-Lehmann has held senior HR positions at startups and established companies in the technology and healthcare space, and worked extensively as an HR consultant.  She is focused on operational development, compliance, company culture, talent acquisition, and the professional growth and well-being of the EverC organization.

Prior to joining EverC, Ribak-Lehmann was VP of Global Human Resources at DayTwo, a health and human services company, where she oversaw global talent acquisition and worked closely with executive leadership to create a scalable organization.  Ayelet has a degree in business administration and management from the University of Derby in the UK.

Melissa Sutherland, Vice President, Risk

Melissa Sutherland is a highly respected risk, compliance, and operations professional with more than 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, specializing in risk mitigation and illicit commerce disruption.   

Working collaboratively within change-driven financial services and payments industries, Melissa is an industry thought influencer via her efforts with academia, non-profits, and trade associations. She also holds advanced training certificates from ACAMS, Wespay, and ICMEC.  

With a proven record of accomplishments and a deep understanding of the intricate interplay between risk, compliance, and profitability, Melissa continues to make a significant impact on the future of fraud prevention and risk management in the digital era.

Ofer Nahum, Vice President, Finance

As Vice President of Finance, Ofer Nahum brings strong business acumen to EverC. His experience in financial leadership encompasses everything from establishing financial procedures, to implementing budgets, to managing capital raises. Ofer is skilled at building processes and financial models.

Prior to joining EverC, Ofer was Director of Finance at Taranis. He is a certified CPA and has earned a degree in Accounting and Economics at Tel Aviv University. 

Maya Barkay, Vice President, Marketing

Maya Barkay is an accomplished professional with more than 20 years of experience in marketing, communications, and leadership. During her career, which has spanned the globe, Maya has been responsible for driving strategic product marketing and marketing communication initiatives for many leading financial services players, including major international banks and acquirers such as JPMorganChase and Discover Card. 

Prior to joining EverC, Maya spent four years in Tokyo, where she led the marketing for the APAC division at Amdocs.  She is dedicated to driving growth through building & executing global marketing strategies by positioning customer needs at the center of her strategic, big-picture vision. She is a contributing member of the Forbes Council on Communications.  

Maya holds a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Williams College and an MBA in Marketing from University of Illinois at Chicago.


Amex Ventures, NYCA, Viola Ventures, Red Dot Capital Partners, Bow Wave Capital Management, Maor Investments, Ant Group, Arbor Ventures, Kroll, Joey Low, Scott Galit

Key Milestones

  • 2015 MerchantView launch 

  • 2020 MarketView launch 

  • 2022 EverC rebrand

  • 2023 KYB solution launch, first-ever Safer Ecommerce Day

News and Press Releases

  • Jan 2024:EverC Featured as ‘One to Watch’ by Datos (Read).

  • Nov 2023: EverC Welcomes Fintech Leader Scott Galit to Advisory Board | AP News (Read).

  • October 2023: From carwashing to pig butchering, fraud is a constant threat – BankBeat (Read).

  • October 2023: The Top 100 Financial Technology Companies of 2023 | The Financial Technology Report (Read).

  • Nov 2023: First-ever Safer Ecommerce Day on Nov. 1, 2023 (Read).

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