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EverChain started in 2012 with the observation that the debt sale and placement marketplace for default debt portfolios was inefficient and flawed. Lenders were effectively blind once an account was sold and/or placed, and the inception of the CFPB made selling debt a complex issue tangled up in regulatory tape. Many lenders decided that it was safer to consider the losses as a cost of doing business rather than sell and risk an event outside of their control causing consumer, regulatory, and brand harm.

EverChain developed a market-disrupting technology platform for the secure management and execution of compliant debt sales transactions and post-sale placements. They established their EverChain Certified Debt Buyer and Collection Agency Network to improve the integrity of debt sales and have built their foundation on the universal compliance due diligence and auditing they conduct on creditors, debt buyers, collection agencies, and law firms.

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Key Products


EverChain provides full-service debt sales consulting, guiding creditors through the entire process from preparation of a portfolio listing through post-sale management.

Debt Buyers

Gain access to high-quality defaulted receivables portfolios by getting EverChain Certified and joining EverChain’s prestigious debt buyer network enabling you to bid on ‌portfolios.

Key Executives

Matthew Wratten, Founder & CEO

Wratten has spent the last 17 years of his career in the financial services industry. His background includes an in-depth knowledge of the fin-tech consumer loan industry, wholesale mortgage sector, and the accounts receivable space.

Over the past decade, he has focused his efforts on taking EverChain from concept, through creative and technical design and into deployment. In a very short period of time EverChain has gone from start-up to an industry leader.

Michael Kraft, Chief Financial Officer

Kraft is a motivated, versatile financial professional with over two decades of experience as a CFO, portfolio manager, and risk manager for some of the top companies in the world. Prior to joining Everchain, Kraft worked as the Director of Finance for Sunlight Financial as well as a Senior Financial Consultant for RGP.

Jennifer Andrews, Chief Marketing Officer

Andrews is a marketing expert with a science background and an MBA passionate about simplifying the complex to grow life science brands. With over 13 years of marketing experience in natural health and nutrition, she works with small to medium-sized companies looking for help with lead generation, targeting the correct audiences, and developing marketing strategies.