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Inswitch is a global embedded financial technologies company that helps organizations in any industry rapidly implement digital financial services through its omnichannel 360 Fintech-as-a-Service platform. Telcos, Retailers, Gig Economies, Banks, Neobanks, Marketplaces and many other companies can build a solution on our API-based platform for their specific needs, in an as-a-Service mode, without friction and with the latest security standards.


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Key Products

Embedded Finance Platform (360 Fintech-as-a-Service)

Their cloud-based, 360 FaaS platform helps cover all business requirements, by leveraging on their 3 pillars: Inswitch Core, Inswitch Experiences and Inswitch Network.

Inswitch Core & Wallet

Inswitch Core & Wallet combine all of their capabilities. It’s the inner workings of the platform, which they make available through APIs, thus enabling any company to build its own fintech solution. It makes integration easier and empowers customers to take control of their customer experiences.

Inswitch Network

Inswitch Network provides a robust local and international payment network of Credit Cards, Banks, Cash locations, ATM, POS, Digital Wallets and Payment Services from several countries, allowing cross-border services.

Inswitch Experiences

Allows customers to easily manage their entire fintech solution from a single place. Inswitch Experiences is the visual interface that allows customers to set up and manage all of their platforms capabilities. This is where management, developers, operations people, and support specialists will converge for their daily work.

Key Executives

Ronald Alvarenga, CEO

Alvarenga is an experienced global financial technology executive with a demonstrated history of implementing financial products across different segments and markets: local and cross border payments and collections, money transfers, digital wallets, stored value accounts, lending and insurances. He is skilled in product management, banking, partnerships, regulation, new markets development for Latin America, Africa and EEUU. Alvarenga is a strong professional who is highly experienced, growth and results oriented and visionary about democratization of financial services through technology.

Liber Fernández Gribov, Chief Commercial Officer

Gribov is the Chief Commercial Officer at Inswitch, a global Fintech in full expansion, reporting directly to the Executive Chairman and CEO. He is the leader of multidisciplinary teams in complex digital payment projects, deployed in more than 40 markets with demonstrated success, including the first mobile wallet launched in Latin America. Gribov is responsible for the sales and rollout strategy in 4 continents (America, Asia, Africa and Europe). He is an international consultant, recognized for having over 15 years of proven experience in an area of new players and exponential growth.