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Pagaya is a global technology company revolutionizing the financial services sector, offering accessible financial products and services nationwide. Using machine learning and AI-driven approaches, Pagaya provides consumer credit and residential real estate solutions for partners, customers, and investors. Its proprietary API and capital solutions integrate with partners, enhancing access to the mainstream economy. Pagaya has offices in New York and Tel Aviv with 600+ employees.

Recent developments include Pagaya partnering with Värde to provide $108 million in capital support to a multi-billion-dollar credit union. Pagaya also announced an $800 million ABS deal, its eighth in 2023, with $3.9 billion raised this year. A partnership with Westlake Financial demonstrates the growth of Pagaya’s auto product, and an expansion of its collaboration with BLVD Residential added 1,000 homes to the Darwin Homes platform. These milestones underscore Pagaya’s commitment to reshaping the global financial services landscape.

Key Products

Pagaya’s network, enabled by its AI technology, evaluates approximately one application per second, trains on millions of data points, and drives a win-win-win value proposition for financial services providers, customers, and third-party asset investors. Via its unique network, Pagaya’s lending partners can grow originations, customers, and revenue without taking on incremental risk, and its investors gain access to diversified and customizable pools of assets at scale.

Customer Insights

Here are some testimonials from real Pagaya-lender customers:

“They helped me consolidate my credit card debt into a manageable monthly payment. I was sinking…They threw me a lifeline!”

“I now enjoy having more money left after paying and still being able to save or use the money for other things. Thank you.”

“I was able to pay off all my current credit cards…my score is slowly increasing. Thank you for your help.” 

“A weight has been lifted and I am so grateful.”


  • 29 lending partners

  • 5 markets (personal loan, auto, point-of-sale, credit card and single-family rental)

  • 109 funding partners

  • $1.8T+ applications evaluated since inception

  • $20B+ funding raised across ~50 ABS transactions since 2018

  • $9B+ annualized run-rate network volume (based on 4Q’23)

  • $135M+ annualized run-rate adjusted EBITDA (based on 4Q’23)

Key Executives

  • Gal Krubiner, Co-Founder and CEO

  • Avital Pardo, Co-Founder and CTO

  • Sanjiv Das, President

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Organizational Insights

Pagaya’s Values:

  • Continuously Learn

  • Debate and Commit

  • Dream Big & Act

  • Advance Inclusion

  • Be Accountable Together

Board Members

  • Avi Zeevi, Chairperson of the Board

  • Harvey Golub, Director

  • Dan Petrozzo, Director

  • Amy Pressman, Director

  • Nicole Torraco, Director

  • Mircea Ungureanu, Director 

  • Gal Krubiner, Co-Founder and CEO

  • Avital Pardo, Co-Founder and CTO

  • Yahav Yulzari, Co-Founder and Chief Revenue Officer

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Key Milestones

  • Pagaya’s network record volume has grown by 33% year-over-year, driven primarily by the ramp-up of new partnerships in our auto and real estate verticals.

  • Pagaya’s total revenue has grown by 13% year-over-year, driven primarily by an 18% growth in revenue from fees, as the fintech continues to monetize its lending product.

  • Pagaya’s recent integration of U.S. Bank continues to progress, with thousands of U.S. Bank clients approved for personal loans using Pagaya’s technology to date. The average activation rate for banks when using Pagaya’s product (the rate at which customers accept a loan offer generated by Pagaya’s technology) is double the average for the fintech’s personal loan product, demonstrating the brand loyalty of a large bank’s customer base.

  • Pagaya is adding enterprise-level partnerships, achieving better economics with top lending partners, and partnering with the world’s leading asset managers and banks on our capital strategy.

News and Press Releases

  • February 2024: Pagaya Partners with US Bank to Expand Personal Loan Access (Read).

  • March 2024: Pagaya Continues Strong Momentum, Raising More Than $1 Billion Across Two New ABS Deals (Read).

  • December 2023: Pagaya Announces Partnership with Exeter Finance, Further Scaling its Auto Lending Product (Read).

  • October 2023: Pagaya Announces Addition of Two New Partners, Scaling Its Lending Network with a Top Five Bank in the U.S. and Top Four Auto Captive (Read).

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Corporate Responsibility

Pagaya is a technology company that uses AI and data science to solve a critical and widespread problem in the consumer finance ecosystem –  a lack of access to financial opportunities due to rigid credit underwriting processes.