San Francisco, California

Overall Rank: 250
Category: Investing
Category Rank: 30


  • Top Fintech Company of 2022


Secfi is trusted by thousands of startup employees for equity planning and financing. They are the first to provide a proprietary suite of equity planning tools, 1:1 guidance with licensed equity strategists, and a set of financing products that enable employees to own a stake in the company they helped build. Secfi also provides company-wide education for startups at all stages to help their teams make the best decision for their own situations. Currently, Secfi has worked with employees from more than 80% of all U.S. unicorns.


Key Products

Secfi Financing

Own your stock options without paying out of pocket — or at all — until your company exits.

Secfi Loans

Get the cash you need to cover your exercise costs — and more — with monthly payment loans.

Liquidity – Secfi Financing

Get cash from your stock options without paying out of pocket — or at all — until your company exits (such as an IPO).

Liquidity – Secfi Loans

Immediately unlock the value of your stock options to redirect towards other financial priorities.

Customer Insights

“I knew if I made the right decision about my stock options, it meant building wealth for me and my family…but it meant putting in money somewhere that I wasn’t going to see a return for, potentially a long time. And so that non-recourse financing option was really important.” — Amanda, Early HR employee at high growth, pre-IPO startup


“Secfi felt like the safest option. There is upside and almost no downside, and I might as well play it safe.” — Victor, Engineering leader at a pre-IPO startup


“What I found most comforting was that this would allow all our employees, not just the executives or senior ones, an opportunity to have the option to make a major life decision.” — Dan Sinner, Chief Customer Officer, Happy Money


“This is a huge responsibility because if I do it right, it impacts my children and their children. Financing with Secfi is a no-brainer because you can’t lose,” — Joe, startup employee at leading pre-IPO startup, San Francisco