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Sentieo, an AlphaSense company, provides the first financial intelligence platform specifically designed for the research needs of investors. Sentieo’s AI-powered financial search engine aggregates internal and external content into a single shared workspace for a more efficient research process. Over 1,100 global customers use Sentieo to surface, visualize, and share the insights that give them an edge.

The content of posts reference an opinion and / or is presented for product demonstration purposes. It is provided for information purposes only. It does not constitute, nor is it intended to be investment advice.


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Key Products


Allows users to apply Sentieo’s machine learning and natural language processing to eliminate “Control-F” from a search process.

Help free analysts from the inhuman amount of company and market information they need to sift through each day. Sentieo can save them hundreds of hours each year by eliminating manual work from the search process—harnessing the platform’s powerful Financial Search Engine to surface insights that generate alpha.

Analysis & Visualization

Leverage advanced analysis tools and easy-to-create visualizations to discover the insights that can help generate alpha.

Research Management

Provide a standardized, consistent environment for teams to create, organize, and collaborate in real-time on research notes.

Notetaking And Collaboration

Sentieo’s integrated Notebook provides a central, consistent environment for creating, organizing, and collaborating on research notes.

Security And Availability

Incorporating established best practices and industry certifications, the Sentieo platform and operations were developed as a world-class data security and availability program that protects internal processes while providing clients with peace of mind.

Content & Data Sources

Sentieo’s financial intelligence platform includes a fully searchable database of documents and data from the most relevant sources, along with the ability to add a team’s content to the system.

Data Terminal

Analyzing financial and market data is an integral part of the analyst workflow. Material insights can easily be missed, as well as significant time wasted when using multiple tools and steps to conduct fundamental research, build models, and draft investment theses and recommendations.


Sentieo supports large-scale adoption and deployment of the Sentieo platform by making it easy to integrate with existing content and tools used throughout the investment analyst and corporate strategist workflow.

Sentieo Microsoft Office Plugins

Use Sentieo Microsoft Office Plugins for Outlook, Word, OneNote, and PowerPoint to seamlessly upload Microsoft Office content to the Sentieo Notebook. With one-click content uploads, it is easier than ever to store all essential documents in the Sentieo Notebook to stay focused on research and analysis.

Sentieo Microsoft Excel Plugin

Customers can use the Sentieo Microsoft Excel Plugin to save time seamlessly importing company data and leveraging pre-built templates to build financial models.

Sentieo for Evernote

Use Sentieo for Evernote Personal or Business to sync content stored in a Sentieo Notebook with Evernote and vice versa.

Sentieo for Box & Dropbox

Allows customers to leverage Sentieo’s powerful search capability on research reports and other documents with Box, Dropbox, and Dropbox Business integrations.

– Sync existing folder structure and files

– Automatically upload new files to Sentieo

– Add tickers and tags for folders and subfolders

Sentieo for Slack

Keep everyone on the same page by bringing research and documents to the attention of colleagues. Use the Sentieo for Slack integration to share notes or documents directly from Sentieo with a team via direct message or existing channels in Slack.

Sentieo for Teams

Alleviate the friction of switching between Sentieo notes and Teams conversations with the Sentieo for Microsoft Teams integration. Allows customers to send notes and documents from Sentieo to Teams and find and share Sentieo notes and documents in Teams with a Teams app.

Notebook API

Sentieo’s Notebook API facilitates two-way note integration between the Sentieo platform and in-house record systems of record, accelerating development time, lowering the cost of deployment, and reducing risk.

– Upload internal research and third party content into Sentieo for use in the Notebook and Document Search

– Manage metadata, including tags, tickers, and fields associated with notes

– Download Sentieo notes, including highlights and comments, into in-house tools used by compliance, data science, or other teams

Security Master API

For large-scale deployments of the Sentieo platform, the Sentieo Security Master API facilitates mapping the tickers used in Sentieo to other types of tickers and identifiers and the creation of new entities, securities, and quotes.

Watchlist API

For large-scale deployments of the Sentieo platform, the Sentieo Watchlist API facilitates the ability to programmatically upload, edit, and delete watchlists.

Key Executives

Alap Shah, Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board

Alap is the Chairman of the Board at Sentieo, leveraging nearly a decade of experience as a professional investor to help design and build tools to enhance the finance professional’s workflow. Most recently, Alap was an analyst in Citadel’s Global Equities business, where he covered global consumer equities. Prior to this, he was an analyst at Viking Global Investors, where he also focused on global consumer equities. Alap received a BA in Economics with honors from Harvard University.

Naman Shah, Co-Founder & President

Naman is President and he also leads the product team at Sentieo, drawing on nearly 15 years of experience in technology entrepreneurship and organizational development. Prior to Sentieo, Naman launched and led multiple startups in the US and in India. Most notably, he co-founded Sarvajal, an award-winning clean water social enterprise that improves proprietary filtration hardware and microfinance-driven distribution. Naman holds a BS in Biology with honors from Stanford University and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Rajdeep Singh Gill, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Rajdeep leads technology at Sentieo, with nearly a decade of experience in developing high performance and low latency technology stacks. Prior to Sentieo, Rajdeep worked in various tech roles at Texas Instruments and Hindustan Times. He plunged into the startup world with his own social startup Anahat and has since worked or consulted on almost half a dozen startups in education, healthcare, finance and social. Rajdeep holds a BE in Electronics & Communication from NSIT and a management program from IIM C.

Swati Tyagi, Vice President, Product

Swati Tyagi serves as Vice President of Product at Sentieo. She has 16 years of Product Management experience leading conceptualization, development, and growth of B2B SaaS products for various industries and sectors across the globe. Prior to Sentieo, Swati worked for Diligent Corporation, a leading platform for Governance, Risk, and Compliance where she led the product team for Diligent’s flagship product and helped transform it from a point solution into an integrated platform used by 50% of Fortune 1000 companies. Swati also helped launch social impact apps for fundraising and grantmaking on the Salesforce platform, which were later acquired by Salesforce. Swati holds a Bachelor in Science degree from CCS University in India.

Annie Eissler, Vice President, Marketing

Annie Eissler serves as Vice President of Marketing, overseeing demand generation, product and customer marketing, brand and comms. Prior to Sentieo, she spent over 20 years leading marketing for business productivity software and technology companies, including PayPal, PSINet, MITS, and Synchris. Annie also ran a marketing agency that served over twenty technology firms in the Seattle start-up community. She holds an MA in International Relations from The American University and a BA in Political Science from UCLA.

Customer Insights

“Having a single location to get all of our historical research on a portfolio name with Sentieo has been invaluable, along with the ability to show our custom data fields in the dashboards so we can see our expected values, positions sizes, G/L, and more right next to live market data. We also extensively leverage Sentieo’s Excel Plugin to get live data into our financial models.” – Andrea Sefler, Director of Research


“Sentieo makes it much easier to tag and track management language across time so we can identify common patterns of language across a sector—saving our research team valuable time and uncovering insights more efficiently. And moving to a centralized RMS portal also allows us to better track our views on a stock as they evolve.” – Lloyd Liew, Equity Research Analyst


“Our team is dedicated to building and protecting our clients’ assets — we don’t have time to waste on anything that detracts from that mission, especially inefficient research processes. Sentieo research workflows just work, streamlining document management and collaboration so our team can concentrate on what’s most important: our clients.” – Chris Taylor, Head of Equities Management


“In the EDT, I can quickly understand the nuts and bolts of a company. I have greater confidence doing my research in Sentieo because I trust the data more than I trust the numbers in other systems.” – Will Frazier, Founder