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Synapse is the only Banking-as-a-Service platform provider that enables companies across the globe to launch feature complete deposit, credit, and crypto products in weeks. Synapse’s unified banking-as-a-service platform provides industry compliant payment, card issuance, deposit, lending, credit, investment, and crypto products through simple APIs.


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Key Products

Credit Hub

Credit Hub is a feature complete credit platform that enables customers to build various credit product experiences, including: Open Loans, Revolving Loans, One-time Loans, and Cash Advances.

Deposit Hub

Deposit Hub is a feature complete, deposit and payment platform that enables customers to build various account-centric product experiences, including: Cash Deposits, For-Benefit-Of Sub-Accounts, Custody Accounts, and Clearing Accounts.

Crypto Hub

Crypto Hub is a feature complete crypto wallet, investment and exchange platform that enables customers to build various crypto-backed product experiences, including: Custody Wallets, Exchange and Transmission

Key Executives

Sankaet Pathak, CEO

Sankaet Pathak is the Founder and CEO of Synapse, which he created in 2014. Previously, Pathak was a research assistant at University of Memphis. Pathak earned an MS in electrical and electronics engineering and an undergraduate degree in computer engineering, mathematical sciences, and physics from The University of Memphis.

Ray Picard, COO

Ray Picard is the COO of Synapse, which he joined in 2021. Picard builds and leads organizations with a servant leadership approach in a meritocracy based culture. He believes in intellectual honesty when solving problems, which is data driven and with a strong consideration to business outcomes, financially, customer centricity and culturally. Before joining Synapse, Picard was a Chief Revenue Officer at, a News Corp Company. Earlier in his career he worked with Computer Associates, Inc as an enterprise account executive. Picard graduated from California State University in Northridge with an undergraduate degree in business administration.

Kathleen Fitzpatrick, CTO

Kathleen Fitzpatrick the CTO of Synapse. Fitzpatrick has a history of building world class agile software development organizations that consistently deliver value quickly, efficiently, frequently, and with quality. She is a results-driven leader who believes in fostering the success of others and driving continuous improvement, by building and holding accountable strong self-organizing teams. She is a pragmatic leader and problem solver with 20 years of experience of successful delivery of custom software applications, package software implementations, agile transformations, fulfillment, stores and eCommerce initiatives and legacy application migrations.

Fitzpatrick first got her start in 1997 as a Program Manager and Managing Editor at Miller Freeman. From there, she went on to, before eventually rising to Chief Technology Officer at LendUp, her most recent position prior to joining Synapse. Fitzpatrick graduated from UC Santa Barbara with an undergraduate degree in English literature.

Mike Rasic, CFO

Mike Rasic is the CFO of Synapse, which he first joined in 2020. Rasic is a results-driven, broad-minded, and enterprising financial and risk operations executive with extensive experience in capital markets, policies and procedures, fundraising, equity and debt, client/vendor relations, risk and data analysis, reporting, strategic planning, forecasting, budgeting, training and mentoring, and project coordination. His additional proficiencies include process improvement, business development, and compliance and regulations. He is a forward-thinking and adaptable leader with exceptional analytical skills who empowers an organization to achieve financial and business objectives and goals, develop top-performing and collaborative workforces, and enhance business growth and opportunities.

Previously, Rasic was a Chief Financial Officer and Chief Risk Officer at Earnest Inc. and before that a CFO at Parasail Health. Earlier in his career he worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers as an assurance partner. Rasic earned an MBA in finance from UCLA Anderson School of Management and an undergraduate degree in accounting from Santa Clara University.

Customer Insights

“Our long-standing partnership with Synapse has been an integral part of our growth and success.” – Craig J. Lewis, CEO, gigwage


“Debit card issuing isn’t unique in the fintech world, but cross-border debit card issuing is. Synapse has a revolutionary compliance program that made our program possible.” – Fernando Fayzano, CEO, Usend


“Synapse has a wide variety of financial services so we could be responsive to our customers, making it really easy to bring new debit, credit, and crypto products to market quickly.” – Adam Moelis, CEO, Yotta


“The effort involved in working directly with a bank in the US required integrating with multiple vendors. Working with Synapse was a fast all-in-one solution.” – Will Madden, CEO, Bridge21