Very Good Security
San Francisco, California

Overall Rank: 217
Category: Payments
Category Rank: 68


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VGS was founded and built by two developers who are committed to making product creation easy and smart for the developer community.

Partnering with VGS allows customers to stay focused on shipping great products, instead of building an expensive and time-consuming security infrastructure.


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Key Products

VGS Collect

VGS provides multiple methods to securely collect sensitive data, insulating customers from ever having it touch their systems.

Free Tokenization

Data security and compliance are hard enough without the new economic headwinds businesses are facing today. That’s why VGS is making our Tokenization API free for all new customers for the rest of 2022.

Payment Optimization

Optimize payments with VGS Vault, a PCI-compliant, provider-agnostic payment platform for a modern payments ecosystem.

Key Executives

Mahmoud Abdelkader, CEO / Co-founder

A serial entrepreneur and a highly skilled engineer, Mahmoud is the heart and soul of VGS. Previously, CTO and co-founder at Balanced, designed automated product matching systems at (acquired by eBay), and was building high-frequency trading systems for Wachovia Securities, a part of Wells Fargo. With Wall Street experience and natural business instincts, Mahmoud has started Very Good Security with a determination to disrupt fintech and security industries.

Marshall Jones, CTO / Co-founder

Marshall Jones is the co-founder and CTO of Very Good Security. He is a seasoned engineer who has built countless products in the fintech industry. Formerly VP of Engineering at Balanced, a payment system for marketplaces, Marshall knows all the ins and outs of setting up engineering processes from the ground up, building a scalable product infrastructure, and growing effective engineering teams.

Customer Insights

“VGS provided a unique solution in the market. Their proxy solution is ingenious… it provides incredible flexibility.” – Tony La, CTO, Honk


“VGS allows us to get all the value of my customer’s data without having the liability of actually holding it.” – Joshua Browder, CEO, DoNotPay


“Not only did “VGS help Unit implement Visa DPS 50% faster than standard Visa DPS deployments,” but they also delivered a complex PCI compliant infrastructure for Unit at the same time.” – VISA