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Wrapbook is an intuitive payroll and insurance solution for those balancing multiple projects. With digital solutions, simplified compliance, and comprehensive reporting, they take the stress away so employers and project-based workers can focus on the big picture.

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Key Products

Project Onboarding

A speedy, digital onboarding experience that collects start work documents, payment information, and e-signatures.

Entertainment Payroll

Fast, digital, secure payments that make compliance easy for all production needs.

Production Management

A powerful way to track, review, and report on current and past payments across all projects.

Production Insurance

Comprehensive policies that ensure customers are always covered and provide the lowest cost.

Key Executives

Ali Javid, Co-Founder, CEO

Ali Javid is the Co-Founder and CEO of Wrapbook. At Wrapbook he is building a company of highly capable teams with the freedom and responsibility to build a service customers love. They aim to bring as much context as possible into teams, to make their own informed bets, and move fast. Prior to joining Wrapbook Javid worked as the VP of Business Development at Body Labs, and before that worked as a Business Development Manager at Intel Corporation. He received a Bachelor of Business Administration at the University of Washington as well as an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business.

John McGrath, CFO

John McGrath is the CFO at Wrapbook, which he joined in 2022. Prior to joining Wrapbook McGrath worked as an Advisor at dutchie, and before that worked as the CFO at Ribbon. Earlier in his career he worked as the VP of Finance and Strategy at Toast, Inc. He received a Bachelors in Finance and Economics from the University of New Hampshire.

Lissa Minkin, Chief People Officer

Lissa Minkin is the Chief People Officer at Wrapbook, which she joined in 2022. Prior to that she worked as the VP of People and Workplace at Tile. She currently serves on the advisory board of Elements by the Kung Group, as well as an Advisor to PeopleTech Partners. She received a Bachelors in Communication from Tulane University.

Customer Insights

“Wrapbook makes all of my payroll and insurance needs super easy to manage. I work freelance and have tons of different contractors and employees come through on projects. Wrapbook allows me to take care of them all with no problems.” – John R,Head of Production


“Wrapbook has streamlined our payroll process, easing up many of the labor intensive parts of pre-production and wrap. Instead of wrangling huge amounts of paperwork from cast and crew, Wrapbook simplifies everything and allows most of it to be done from your phone.” – Taylor R, Producer


“I love the integration of I9’s and W4’s so that we have no physical paperwork to worry about on set. We can keep everything in the cloud, on board with ease and save production time every shoot. We make commercials and with 1-3 day shoots – the volume of paperwork we used to do was way too high. Amazing.” – Scott W, Coordinator


“Wrapbook removes the most tedious tasks from production payroll that I used to do in-person such as I-9 and other start paperwork. I love how quickly everyone gets paid, because I can run an actual budget immediately after production.” – Stanley O, Head of Production


“We were so impressed with their payroll system that we took advantage of their insurance solutions as well. Both teams are knowledgeable, supportive, and quick to respond—an indispensable quality in this industry.” – Mckenna Turner, Operations Manager, Kontent Partners


“Wrapbook helped me find payroll and insurance solutions that matched my show’s needs and budget. Thank you!” – Justin Bell, Producer of branded entertainment, including Samsung, P&G, VTech, and LG


“Wrapbook makes it easy for me to draft COIs on-the-go! And when I need COIs that are more specialized, my broker is quick to generate those for me.” – Jordy Wax, Founder, Contrast Films