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Zesty was founded by Maxim Melamedov and Alexey Baikov in 2019 to overcome inefficiencies related to static cloud infrastructure , bringing customers the ability to automatically scale cloud resources such as storage, discount programs, CPU & RAM, to optimally match application demand. As a result, businesses dramatically reduce cloud costs and maintain perfect app performance, while also minimizing the time and effort of managing infrastructure.

Dynamic Cloud Infrastructure is best practice for any organization looking to run an efficient cloud operation that ebbs and flows with demand – and Zesty is proud to make it achievable for more businesses around the world.

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Key Products

Commitment Manager

Automate Reserved Instances And Reduce AWS EC2 Costs By As Much As 60%

Zesty Disk

Next Generation Auto-Scaler For Cloud Block Storage Volumes

Key Executives

Maxim Melamedov, CEO & Co-founder

With over 13 years of experience in the tech industry, including a prior career in homeland security, Maxim thrives on solving complex problems and disrupting previously established norms. He finds endless inspiration at the intersection of data, innovation, and efficiency. Maxim earned his B.A in business management from the University of Derby, and is a veteran of the Israeli Air Force.

Alexey Baikov, CTO & Co-founder

Cloud operations expert with over 12 years of experience in building state-of-the-art cloud and on-prem solutions. Alexey is passionate about hyper-scale architectures and distributed systems and has formerly led cloud infrastructure teams. His professional experience includes 3 years of service in the Elite Technology Unit of the Israeli Air Force.

Lori Brigg, Chief Growth Officer

With over 15 years of experience in disruptive tech companies, Lori specializes in building successful client and partner programs and leading high-impact strategic plans. Lori holds a B.A in psychology and economics and an MBA in Management of Technology and Innovation both from Tel Aviv University.

Customer Insights

“It’s cloud savings on auto-pilot, it’s completely hands free, and it saves us a huge amount of time” – yotpo.


““I wish we would have had this thing five years ago. We would have saved a lot of money and a lot of stress” – Heap


““Zesty has allowed us to reduce our overhead. We now have a zero point deviation from cost KPIs” -Manoj Srikantaiah, Lead Devops Engineer, MIQ


“Our cloud ROI has greatly improved since using Zesty and these improvements could not be achieved through our efforts alone.” – Yonatan Deshel, CTO, walkme


“We chose Zesty because of the significant savings that we could achieve with absolutely minimal effort involved.” – David Ting, Senior VP of Engineering, Nylas


“Zesty saves us over a million dollars a year. If you’re running a workload on EC2, it’s pretty much free money”. – Dan Robinson CTO, Heap


“With simple integration and zero effort, we were able to cut down our EC2 costs by 53%” – Roi Amitay, Head of DevOps, Armis


“It’s completely hands-free and we save 40% each month on our On-Demand costs” – Yair Leshem, DevOps Engineer, yotpo


“The personal support we received from Maxim (CEO) & Alexey (CTO) during the on-boarding was beyond words” – Liran Ben Abu, Head of DevOps, Voyager Labs


“I no longer need to worry about managing EBS volumes, that’s Zesty’s job now” – Artiom Levinton, Head of DevOps, XM Cyber


“Zesty really blew up the myth regarding RI management, they are revolutionizing the way people optimize their infrastructure” – Yoav Sadeh, CTO and Co-founder, PACKAGE


“The impact of Zesty on our AWS bill was immediate” – Nadav Svirsky, Corporate IT Team Lead, Zerto


“A super-cost optimization tool which does magic behind the scenes. Its smart AI which discovers relevant instances and purchases accordingly has very effective accuracy. The customer support and CSM has been amazing and have made sure to have consistent engagement with us”. – Rohit Srivastava, Director of Engineering, Platform at MiQ


“Zesty offers a simple and fast value combined with amazing service! The setup process and the onboarding required minimum effort from our side and we were able to see the savings right away” – Raz Shaked, Head of Devops at Wiz


“We were amazed by the automatic nature of the platform, which adapts itself on the fly to any type of capacity changes. Zesty provides us the peace we need when it comes to cost optimization, we’re saving money with 0 man-hours invested in the platform.” – Nadav Svirsky, Corporate IT Team Lead at Zerto


“As close to “free money” as I’ve ever gotten. Zesty saves us over $1 Million per year on EC2, I wish we had this thing 5 years ago”.

“Zesty took almost zero work to set up. We get all the cost savings of reserved instances with none of the lock-in or upfront payment” – Dan Robinson, CTO at Heap


“Once the AI model kicked in, I was wondering whether it could reach that 90% threshold of coverage which it did, and right now, we’re at the 99% threshold of coverage which is wonderful” – David Ting, Senior VP of Engineering at Nylas


“After making the right adjustments, the service works and provides great value. (What we liked best was the) Almost complete hands-off RI management platform. When utilized, can provide an average of 50% savings on EC2” – Pini Vaknin, DevOps Team Lead at Syte


“Great tool to optimize on demand instances. Works Seamlessly in the background, very good support, save us the need to plan purchases of on demand instances in AWS” – Ronen Naor

DevOps Engineer at Codefresh


“Zesty Disk is the answer to the operational difficulties that come with using EBS volumes. Their shrink and expand technology adjust our EBS volumes according to real-time capacity needs so we no longer need to scale them ourselves. This saves us valuable time on EBS management and money in AWS receipts” – Matan Maman, VP R&D at Referral.ai


“Zesty’s hands-free automation enables us to save over 45% on our EC2. I was super impressed by the ease of use, no risk, and tremendous savings. It’s cloud savings on auto-pilot, it’s completely hands free, and it saves us a huge amount of time” – Yair Leshem, DevOps Engineer at Yotpo


“With Zesty, Armis is able to save 53% on our EC2, which is amazing. What I love best is the fact that it’s a no-touch solution” – Roi Amitay, Head of DevOps at Armis


“The dashboard is intuitive, provides real-time visibility into our AWS bill, and was super easy to integrate into our environment. The personal support we received from Maxim (Zesty CEO) and Alexey (Zesty CTO) during the on-boarding was beyond words, and we knew that Zesty was the partner we needed” – Liran Ben Abu, Head of DevOps at Voyager Labs


“Zesty is a full-suite solution that covers everything related to cost optimization of EC2 AWS infrastructure with a user-friendly dashboard and a great customer-oriented service. After realizing Zesty’s unique success-based business model, accompanied by a buy-back guarantee, it was a no-brainer for us” – Yoav Sadeh, CTO and Co-Founder at Package.ai


“We were looking for a solution that would continuously monitor and optimize our EBS volumes. The onboarding and value we got from Zesty was immediate, and the professional support we received from the team was beyond words” – Artiom Levinton, Head of DevOps at XM Cyber


“Sensational! Probably the best CloudOps automation solution we’ve ever used” – Ofir Nir, Head of DevOps at Singular


“Great product. We have been using Zesty for a few months now, and I think this is a fantastic product. Our most significant expense is our EC2 servers, and zesty just magically allows us to save money on them” – Iddo Berger, CTO at Superfly Insights


“Zesty exceeded our expectations, and we’re saving beyond what we thought was impossible” – Tal Fisher, DevOps Chief at Gong

Company Insights

“What I love about Zesty is that it’s an organization that really values its employees as people and not just workers. On a daily basis, this means that | Ban see how my input actually creates an impact.” – Ashley, BDR Team Lead


“What I love about Zesty is the group of so many talented people, each bringing their own expertise and kindness to the table. You can see team work everywhere, which allows us to achieve such great results.” – Lucia, Partnerships Manager


“At Zesty, teamwork isn’t just something we say, but something we live and breathe. We help each other reach our full potential and celebrate every win and contribution.” – Lauren, Senior Content Marketing Manager


What I love about working at Zesty is facing new, exciting, challenges every day I walk through the door.” – Jason, Onboarding Specialist


“I love that everyone at Zesty is encouraged to contribute freely and speak their minds beyond the walls of their role or department. This kind of amazing work culture is hard to come by.” – Alon, R&D Team Leader