A Fintech Entrepreneur Fighting For the 99%

It’s only fitting that along with the boom in financial technology, an entrepreneur figures out how to solve the saving and investing problem for the 99%. And that’s what Brandon Krieg has done through his company Stash.

Stash is a mobile-first investment platform that enables over one million people to simplify the whole process of saving and investing. Once thought of as daunting with a steep learning curve, Stash provides an intuitive education component and user interface to assist users in getting started with as little as $5 and staying committed in order to build and customize a portfolio to each user’s liking.

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Brandon has a deep history in financial technology gaining technical chops with some of the most sophisticated institutions. Most recently prior to founding Stash in 2015, he was the Head of Global Electronic Execution for Macquarie Securities Group and prior to that was Head of Electronic Sales for Knight Direct, where he grew the platform to become one of the top electronic providers for the buy and sell side in the U.S.

Based in New York, Stash has over 250 employees who are committed to the Company’s mission to break down barriers and build transparent, technology-driven products and help the 99% to build smarter financial habits. It has raised over $180 million most recently completing a $65 million Series E round. Existing well-known venture investors include Union Square Ventures and Goodwater Capital.

In a recent interview, Krieg states, “My entire professional life and Eddie’s as well, all of my friends that don’t work in finance have always asked me the same questions: What should I buy, when should I sell it? Questions about money. I wasn’t there to help them with it. I’m not their advisor. But they didn’t have anyone to turn to. And Eddie and I just became obsessed with this and we decided that in order to focus on it, we had to leave our jobs and research the market.”