Fintechs Are Having a Harder Time Recruiting Top Talent Than Ever Before

The rise of fintechs over the last decade has brought with it considerable changes to how and where we work. Seeing the fortunes made virtually overnight by successful fintech startups, top-level executives from a wide variety of industries have been drawn to high-paying jobs in the industry, whether seeking a change in career entirely or just a new, exciting stepping stone in their career path.

As with so much else that has changed since the summer of 2022, this trend too has been reversed. According to recruitment firms working in the industry, fintechs that once would have their pick of top leadership are now having a harder time getting applicants.

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Speaking of the changing trend, recruitment agency Nicoll Curtin’s Executive Director Sam Burks described an industry that is having increasing trouble attracting the same caliber of talent as it used to. “A lot of people are moving back into the banking world,” Burks sad in an interview. “They’re happy to take slightly less on total compensation to be in a safer environment, especially with everything going on at the moment.”