Amazon Pay Adds Affirm for Merchants and Customers

Amazon and Affirm have joined forces to bring a new payment option to qualifying U.S. merchants utilizing Amazon Pay. The collaboration allows these merchants to seamlessly integrate Affirm's Adaptive Checkout into their checkout process.

With this integration, Amazon Pay now offers Affirm's pay-over-time technology, which millions of users on and the Amazon mobile app already prefer. 

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The decision to incorporate Affirm's pay-over-time solution into Amazon Pay stems from a deep understanding of customer preferences. Omar Soudodi, the director of Amazon Pay, emphasized the importance of providing convenient and flexible payment options to customers, whether they are shopping on or using Amazon Pay.

By enabling Affirm on Amazon Pay, merchants can offer pay-over-time options to their existing customers while also tapping into a broader consumer base. Several notable companies, including Casper, USA Berkey Filters, and UltraSabers, have already integrated Affirm's Adaptive Checkout into Amazon Pay. 

These merchants anticipate significant improvements in sales, conversion rates, and customer acquisition. In fact, Affirm's checkout has demonstrated 60% higher average order values in comparison to other payment options. Moreover, with 88% of Affirm customers making repeat purchases, this integration can foster customer loyalty and long-term relationships. 

The significance of digital wallets in the shopping experience cannot be overstated, as they are predicted to account for over half of global e-commerce transactions by 2025, according to Affirm President Libor Michalek. Customers increasingly seek diverse payment options when making online purchases.

Through the integration of Affirm's Adaptive Checkout, thousands of merchants can now offer customized payment alternatives and empower customers with greater spending flexibility within Amazon Pay's seamless and secure checkout experience. Affirm's Adaptive Checkout presents customers with bi-weekly and monthly pay-over-time choices.

When customers click the Amazon Pay button during checkout on a participating retailer's website, they can select Affirm as their payment method. A quick, real-time approval process follows, without any fees or impact on credit scores. Once approved, customers can make purchases over $50 and pay over time with 0% APR. There are no hidden or late fees, ensuring that customers see the complete cost of their transaction before finalizing their purchase. 

Furthermore, by integrating Affirm into Amazon Pay, the convenience of using's payment methods, delivery address, and email extends to Affirm customers as well. Amazon Pay has successfully replicated the simplicity and convenience of the checkout process for online merchants. It streamlines payment management and enables easy access to purchase reviews.

The collaboration between Amazon and Affirm brings significant advantages to both merchants and customers utilizing Amazon Pay. The addition of Affirm's pay-over-time technology enhances the payment options available to customers, while merchants can leverage the benefits of increased sales, customer loyalty, and access to a wider consumer base. 

As digital wallets become increasingly vital in the world of e-commerce, the integration of Affirm's Adaptive Checkout into Amazon Pay positions both companies at the forefront of the evolving payment landscape.