Andreessen Horowitz Crypto Head Launches Crypto-Forward VC Firm

Katie Haun has led Andreessen Horowitz’s cryptocurrency division to remarkable heights in her four years as General Partner with the firm. Now, according to a blog post by Haun, she’s ready to take that ball and run with it on her own.

In a move described on her new company’s website as the “dawn of a new web,” Haun has launched a new venture capital firm called Haun Ventures that will be dedicated to crypto startups. With $1.5 billion in capital raised in two funds so far, the new firm has already attracted a great deal of praise among investors.

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“The next generation of the internet deserves a new generation of investors,” Haun said in an announcement.

As befits a company headed by a former federal prosecutor, the new firm is anticipated to lean heavily upon Haun’s expertise with regulatory practices. This represents a major benefit to clients at a time when heightened regulation of crypto is expected in the near future.

In addition to drawing a great deal of positive attention with its massive war chest, there is considerable speculation about how Haun Ventures will play with its founder’s previous employer. Andreessen Horowitz has seen a raft of high-profile defections in the past few years, at a time when the company has been making its own foray into the world of crypto policy.