Angel Rich Empowers The Younger Generations With CreditRich

Serial fintech entrepreneur Angel Rich, also named the next Steve Jobs by Forbes, has struck gold again with yet another brilliant creation. Rich’s new artificial intelligence-backed fintech app, CreditRich was released in partnership with Experian, the credit report agency. As such, she is now the first Black American to secure an institutional partnership with one of the three major credit bureaus.

From the age of 6, Rich had already decided that she would grow up to develop companies that supported young people in gaining financial literacy. After the success of financial education app Credit Stacker, with which she won many business competitions and acknowledgements from the likes of Michelle Obama, CreditRich offers a practical tool geared toward improving credit ratings. Where the previous app’s goal was to “provide equal access to quality financial education all across the world,” CreditRich’s goal is to “help millennials grow their credit score.” The app will be a micro-investing service that aims to provide users with a simple and cheap way to aggregate spare change to pay their bills intelligently. This in turn boosts their credit score in real time.

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Not so dissimilarly to how Robinhood allows users to invest small change, CreditRich will enable users to amass and redistribute their small change quickly to take care of pressing payments such as bills. Improving long-term financial positions will be achieved through the app’s primary service, while also providing ‘credit intelligence’ to help users remain educated and abreast of their financial situations. Proprietary algorithms will even allow users to forecast the impact of their credit behavior to receive a snapshot of their existing financial patterns. Having left college with $180,000 in debt, Rich wants young people and new grads to prioritize their financial health.

Rich’s pursuit to improve financial literacy has seen her launch multiple ventures, receiving accolades along the way. One, such venture is Wealth Factory, which she co-founded with Courtney Keen and Black Tech Matters, a social impact organization aimed at elevating diversity in STEM. Backing Rich on CreditRich is singer, songwriter, and actress Naturi Naughton. Her credit bureau partnership is a testament to Rich’s success, but also attributes importance to the enormous value perceived in helping younger generations improve their financial literacy. It is a common complaint that kids aren’t taught financial literacy in school. Thankfully, now they have Angel Rich and her innovative, and much needed, services. Rich’s app is currently available on GooglePlay and Apple.