Anti-Fraud Startup Inscribe Celebrates $25M Series B Fundraise

The marketplace has seen soaring demand for robust fraud-fighting measures, particularly as the fintech revolution carries an ever-growing portion of the world’s finance online. With a study by Deloitte indicating that 79% of surveyed financial institutions were prioritizing the expansion of risk intelligence, fintechs have rushed to bring new levels of artificial intelligence to bear on keeping the digital landscape secure.

One company that has seen particular success through delivering improved risk data is Inscribe. The AI-powered fraud detection platform has drawn considerable attention for its ability to speed up the time-intensive risk detection process without sacrificing reliability or quality, and with a recently-closed $25 million round of Series B fundraising led by Threshold Ventures and Crosslink Capital, Inscribe is that much better prepared to bring its services to a wider user base.

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“Our mission at Inscribe is to create a fair and efficient financial services ecosystem,” said the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Ronan Burke, in a statement on the new funding. “We’ve started by building best-in-class document fraud detection so companies can uncover the Risk Intelligence they need to build digital trust with customers. And this is only the beginning.”