Aquiline-Backed Artivest Announces Expansion of Its Alternative Investment Platform

Following its successful merger with alternative asset manager Altegris, Artivest has announced that it will be expanding the services it provides through its alternative investment platform. The new suite of services will include product structuring as well as fund distribution services for wealth and asset manager enterprise partners. Artivest has chosen to add these new offerings as part of its ongoing commitment to providing advisory and partnership services to its client roster at all stages of the alternative fund lifecycle.

In order to better provide these added services, Artivest has restructured and realigned some of its internal teams. The new product structuring offering is administered by the company’s 15-person New York and San Diego-based alternative investment research team, led by Artivest’s chief investment officer Matt Osborne. Osborne was formerly Altegris’ chief investment officer and co-founder.

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Meanwhile, Artivest’s new fund distribution services will be provided by the 35 professionals on the company’s enterprise, private client, intermediary, strategy and marketing teams. These teams will work together across major domestic channels in order to provide alternative investment solutions to Artivest’s clients.

According to Artivest founder and CEO James Waldinger, “[Artivest’s] mission is to optimize investor, advisor, and enterprise access to premier alternative funds. These new consulting offerings play a critical role in this undertaking. We will continue to identify options for extending the core solutions we provide to clients, with the end goal of providing an integrated, full-service alternative investment platform.”

Artivest was founded in August 2011 and completed its first beta launch in May 2014. The company is currently privately held by its employees as well as a group of outside investors led by Aquiline Capital Partners, KKR, Thiel Capital and Genstar Capital.

For Acquiline Capital Partners, their investment in Artivest reflects the firm’s overall investment strategy. The New York and London-based private equity firm has a track record of investing in financial services companies across industries that include fintech, financial services, insurance, investment management, banking and credit. The firm has made more than $2.5 billion in investment in 40 middle-market financial services companies in the past 14 years.