Billionaire Entrepreneur Jenny Just Is Changing The World One Investment At A Time

Jenny Just is one of the world’s fewer than two dozen female self-made billionaires. She’s also been discreetly behind some of the most prominent achievements in trading platforms and online banks—and she has no plans to stop changing the game.

Disruption has been a part of how Just does business since her entry into the world of fintech. Having taken over Apex Fintech Solutions in 2012 amid a critical cash-flow crisis, Just immediately dismantled the previous owner’s “old boys’ club” model of doing business, dispensing with major portions of the company’s staff and client base and implementing a massive update in technological power.

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The results of Just’s methods have been nothing short of extraordinary. Together with her husband and Apex co-owner Matt Hulsizer, Just has been behind the technology and trading maneuvers that have fed the rise of eToro, Ally Financial, and SoFi, along with dozens of other fintech firms that have grown ever more quickly in the age of Covid. Now, Just is preparing for her first IPO and is pushing for a record $4.7 billion valuation for Apex. All the while, Just has been a fierce advocate for gender equity, and continues to lead initiatives in and outside of her company to help women gain an equal footing in the worlds of fintech and entrepreneurship.