Bluevine Launches All-In-One SMB Accounting Tool

Of all the organizations and entities involved in helping small businesses survive and thrive in a cutthroat financial world, accountants play perhaps the most critical role. Yet despite how much SMBs rely on accounting professionals, the job of such accountants tends to be bogged down by old, outdated tech and bureaucratic hoops to jump through.

“Many [accountants] spend significant time and effort tracking down the financial information they need to help their clients, often relying on each client’s online banking account information to access data. This creates an experience rife with friction and security concerns,” said New Jersey-based fintech Bluevine in a news release.

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Bluevine is a provider of small business banking services that recently launched a new feature to address just that problem. Using Bluevine’s new Accountant Role allows Bluevine account holders to provide their accountants all their relevant information in one intuitive, all-in-one platform.

Bluevine’s expanded operationality for accountants comes as a part of its recent campaign of expansion. The company was acquired by FundThrough earlier in 2022, doubling its client base in the United States.