BNY Mellon Boosts AI Capabilities with Nvidia’s Supercomputer

BNY Mellon, a renowned US-based banking giant, has implemented Nvidia's supercomputer, DGX SuperPOD with DGX H100 systems, to enhance its artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities. This allows BNY Mellon to accelerate processing capacity, facilitating the innovation and launch of AI-enabled solutions to effectively manage clients' assets. Bridget Engle, BNY Mellon's CIO, highlights the significance of deploying Nvidia's AI supercomputer in enabling the bank to develop and deploy AI applications that enhance asset management, movement, and security.

Utilizing Nvidia's AI Enterprise software, BNY Mellon plans to leverage its on-premises AI infrastructure to build and deploy AI applications across various functions, including predictive analytics, automation, and anomaly detection. With over 20 AI-enabled solutions already in production, the bank aims to further expand its AI capabilities, with specific use cases such as deposit forecasting, payment automation, and predictive trade analytics supported by the DGX SuperPOD. Nvidia notes that BNY Mellon has identified over 600 AI opportunities, with numerous projects already in development. Founded in 1784 and headquartered in New York, BNY Mellon is the world's largest custodian bank and securities services company, managing assets worth $1.8 trillion and $45.7 trillion under custody as of 2023, and is designated as a systemically important bank by the Financial Stability Board.

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