Brex CRO Sam Blond Joins Ramp Investor Founders Fund

The world of fintech venture capital is a cutthroat one; there are plenty of fortunes to be made in the industry, but the companies that don’t move quickly and aggressively against their competitors tend to be the companies that burn out more quickly.

On the other hand, veterans of fintech understand that today’s rival can become tomorrow’s colleague…or even superior. Case in point: Sam Blond, Chief Revenue Officer of decacorn startup Brex, has joined Founders Fund as a partner. This move is made all the more conspicuous as Brex is in the middle of a heated rivalry with Ramp, a company backed most prominently by Founders.

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How does Blond intend to navigate the conflict between his ongoing full-time duties at Brex and his new position as a Ramp investor? In his words in a recent interview, there is no conflict: “I view Ramp being an FF portfolio company as coincidental. It wasn’t influential in my motivation to want to join, and my focus will be on investing in and helping new portfolio companies.”

At the same time, Blond said, “I’m very loyal to Brex and everyone I’ve developed close friendships with there.” Considering the record growth that company has demonstrated in the last four years, his dedication to his first fintech home is understandable.