Can AI Fuel a Second Fintech Revolution?

One of the most prominent fronts in the world’s ongoing digital transformation has been unlocking the potential of artificial intelligence (AI). Companies across markets and sectors have been eager to harness AI to improve customer experience, heighten security, and leverage massive amounts of data to deliver unsurpassed business outcomes. Among other major advances, it has been the fintech industry that has been foremost in bringing AI to the wider world.

For debt management software developer AcuFi, however, fintechs are missing the true opportunity granted by AI, and that lies in using AI in fintech itself. In addition to boosting cybersecurity in an industry commonly perceived to be beset by hackers and other bad actors, AI has numerous breakthrough applications for fintech startups. One of the most notable ways in which AI can transform a fintech’s business model is in customer service, with AI-powered chatbots and personal banking services freeing up valuable work hours while increasing customer satisfaction.

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“AcuFi experts are already using AI to enhance the user experience for our clients,” said AcuFi’s Founder, Nicholas Kohlschreiber, in a recent press release. “And with the growing competition on the market, I foresee more companies will employ AI to achieve quick and personalized customer engagement.”