Change The Way Your Company Handles Employee Expenses with Brex Assistant

In a groundbreaking move, Brex, the pioneer in unified global spend platforms, has unveiled its latest innovation, the Brex Assistant. This cutting-edge tool, which uses autonomous AI agents and natural language processing, promises to make employee spending management easier while also increasing productivity to previously unheard-of levels.

The Brex Assistant leverages a combination of calendar data, organizational context, and past expenses, along with exclusive integrations, to autonomously populate expense documentation. This process ensures that each expense is accurately assigned to the right category and budget, setting a new standard for efficiency and compliance in spend management.

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One of the Brex Assistant's standout features is its ability to recognize when an employee is traveling for work based on their calendar. This intelligent system then automatically allocates a trip budget, completes the necessary business memo, and prepares an itemized receipt when booking a flight. All of this occurs seamlessly without requiring any additional effort from the employee, thus ensuring strict adherence to company policies.

Beyond automating expenses, the Brex Assistant is equipped to handle a range of tasks that enhance the overall spending management experience. It can promptly respond to employee queries, such as inquiries about daily spending limits for offsite trips or any other pertinent restrictions. Additionally, it can follow specific instructions from employees, like directing all DoorDash charges to a work-from-Home meal stipend.

The Brex Assistant also empowers employees to recall crucial business context. By simply asking, "What was on my calendar when I expensed this Uber?" Employees can effortlessly retrieve the necessary information, further streamlining the expense reporting process.

Henrique Dubugras, co-founder and co-CEO of Brex, expressed his enthusiasm for this groundbreaking development, stating, "Brex is known for its amazing employee expense experience, and by giving everyone this caliber assistant, we've shipped our most groundbreaking experience yet." He anticipates that finance teams and managers can now expect a surge in employee compliance and productivity.

Importantly, Brex's dedication to harnessing the power of AI is evident in their impressive track record. Over the past year, their AI-powered solutions have saved enterprise customers an average of 300 hours per month in staff cost compliance. In addition, their AI-driven controls have prevented out-of-policy spending, resulting in savings of over $18 million annually.

The Brex Assistant marks a significant milestone in the evolution of spend management, setting a new standard for efficiency, compliance, and accuracy. With its innovative capabilities, it's poised to revolutionize the way businesses handle employee expenses, paving the way for increased productivity and financial transparency. As Brex continues to lead the charge in leveraging AI for customer-facing products, the future of spend management looks brighter than ever.