Checkbook Partners with Visa to Enhance Real-Time Payment Solutions

Checkbook, an integrated payments platform, has partnered with Visa to streamline disbursements for businesses, institutions, and individuals across millions of endpoints nationwide. Checkbook aims to fortify its collaboration with Visa, expanding its range of solutions for businesses seeking fast and seamless payment disbursal capabilities. This collaboration builds upon their prior engagement in the Visa FastTrack program in 2021 and participation in Visa's Virtual Card program.

Visa Direct, with its single access point, facilitates global money movement, connecting over eight billion endpoints and enabling fund delivery to three billion eligible cards, three billion bank accounts, and 2.5 billion wallets globally. In Visa's FY23, Visa Direct recorded over 7.5 billion transactions, with Checkbook customers benefiting from the speed and efficiency it offers. Checkbook CEO and founder, PJ Gupta, highlighted the company's commitment to providing a comprehensive suite of modern payment options through Visa Direct to send and receive payments seamlessly. The Checkbook payments platform simplifies the payment lifecycle, allowing businesses to create and send real-time payments with ease, and offers robust tracking features for payment status and account activity through a user-friendly dashboard or API. This partnership signifies a significant step toward optimizing fast payments and streamlining the payment infrastructure for businesses.

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