Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire: Crypto Is Just Getting Started

As head of dollar-linked stablecoin company Circle, Jeremy Allaire has long been a cheerleader for crypto at large. And according to a recent interview, Allaire is more convinced than ever: crypto is the future of finance. What’s more, for all the recent frenzy among investors and governments alike, the true disruptive potential of cryptocurrency is still ahead of us.

“We're still in the very early stages of this,” said Allaire. “We're still in the early adopter phase of this.”

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Throughout the interview, Allaire continued to advocate for the notion of crypto as a game-changing monetary financial tool that may even go beyond the dot-com revolution that upended the fiscal world in the 1990s. With the tools in the pockets of every digital wallet holder, everyday citizens are now empowered to “be (their) own bank(s).”

For all the potential that crypto may hold, however, Allaire remained firm that we still have not reached a place where there is sufficient acceptance and infrastructure to realize the revolution promised by cryptocurrency. By all accounts, he mused, society is still a decade or two away from truly realizing such a “reordering of how economic organization happens.”