Coinbase “Serving as a Bridge” to Widespread Web3 Adoption

Despite investor interest in crypto and Web3 offerings that has persisted even in a rocky financial year, many fintechs are still stymied by the limited adoption of their hot new products and services. Apart from the issues posed by a difficult financial landscape and looming regulation, fintech companies have found that many markets still lack the digital infrastructure required to participate in Web3.

The top U.S. crypto exchange is hoping to change all that. According to a recent blog post about their strategy for the future, Coinbase will be focusing its attentions in the near future on accelerating the development and dissemination of the building blocks of Web3 and crypto. Among other things, this means working on new technology for and education about crypto wallets, cloud-based services, and NFTs.

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“If we can make it easy for developers to build decentralized applications, incredible experiences, games, and social networks in Web3, we can give more people access to the economic freedom that Web3 provides,” said Coinbase in the blog post. “Our strategy at Coinbase is to take care of all the Web3 tooling, so creators can focus on what they do best: building community.”