Coincover Launches New Protective Tech For Crypto Owners

Despite cryptocurrency’s soaring popularity in markets around the globe, there remains a great deal of concern when it comes to its security. Last year’s $14 billion lost through crypto crime is only one of many dangers faced by those with crypto wallets. Can an individual investor have any confidence that their crypto investments are truly safe?

British fintech startup Coincover has a reassuring answer to this question. Even better, they have the tech to back it up.

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Coincover has run its Personal Cryptocurrency Protection service for larger investors for some time, and as of the end of February, it intends to make this market-leading tech available to individual crypto wallet holders. Coincover’s platform supports hundreds of cryptocurrencies and embeds neatly into crypto exchange services around the world. Backed by insurance underwriters at Lloyd’s of London, Coincover’s offering is perfectly set up to provide peace of mind to investors looking to enter the crypto market.

As Coincover Chief Executive Officer David Janczewski put it: “Our mission is to make cryptocurrency safe for everyone to hold and use. Without a way to protect cryptocurrency assets and their investors, the market will not reach its full potential.”