Credit Fintech Liquidity Brings In $775M In Capital Commitments

A fintech startup that can combine automated lending opportunities with real-time credit integration is a rare and valuable company in the current financial playing field.

How valuable? Over three-quarters of a billion dollars, evidently. At least, that’s what the $775 million in capital commitments that was recently announced by fintech platform Liquidity Group indicates. The capital agreement was led by Apollo Funds and MUFG Bank.

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Liquidity was described by Bret Leas, an executive at new partner Apollo, as a company that is breaking new ground by “connecting technology borrowers and credit investors via an innovative, data-driven ecosystem.” Founded in 2018, Liquidity has quickly made a name for itself as a leading player in global market capital credit automation throughout multiple international markets.

The alliances forged through these agreements reflect a further investment in ongoing partnerships for Liquidity. MUFG has previously invested a great deal of equity in its strategic capital partner. For newcomer to Liquidity Apollo, this partnership also offers a means to strengthen ties with MUFG.

“The new capital partnership with Apollo and the continued and successful partnership with MUFG is validation of our founding vision to use artificial intelligence to transform the capital markets,” Liquidity’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder Ron Daniel said in a statement.