Cross River Bank and Transform Real Estate Transactions

New Jersey-based Cross River Bank has partnered with, a real estate payment SaaS provider, to revolutionize real estate transactions.

Through this collaboration, buyers, sellers, agents, and escrow holders can now conduct transactions swiftly, access a broader range of payment methods, track cash flow in real-time, and verify transactions.

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This partnership aims to build a modern payment experience for the real estate industry. Cross River makes sure that the future of financial services is powered by technology. Using its own real-time banking core, Cross River gives millions of people and businesses innovative and scalable embedded payment, card, and lending solutions.

The alliance leverages Cross River's API and two payment rails, ACH, and wires, eliminating the need for paper checks and reducing the risk of fraud. Future plans include offering access to all payment rails on one platform, further enhancing convenience and security. is a digital payment solution for real estate transactions. The platform lets you make a variety of payments, such as an earnest money deposit, cash to close, and client and vendor disbursements, all of which are safe and don't require account numbers or routing information to be shared.

With Paymint's deep knowledge of real estate, property, and title insurance, the collaboration is advancing the way funds are handled in real estate transactions.

This strategic alliance streamlines the payment process, enhances security, and paves the way for a comprehensive payment platform that ensures seamless and secure real estate transactions.

The partnership eliminates the need for paper checks, which were previously prevalent in the industry, and mitigates the risks associated with fraud. The transfer of funds will be made as safe, convenient, and secure as possible, promoting confidence and peace of mind among all parties involved.

The collaboration ensures a seamless and secure process, enhancing trust and facilitating smoother transactions in the real estate ecosystem.

Cross River and's new partnership is a big step forward in modernizing real estate transactions, and it will give everyone involved a better experience in the long run. The partners hope to add more payment options in the future so that all payment rails can be accessed from a single platform.