Crypto’s Latest Startup Success Story Comes from Inventing a New Niche

At the outset of 2021, Hicham Sbaa had the skills to achieve anything he could imagine in the fintech world. While he had worked as a teacher for more than ten years, he had also developed a substantial reputation as an entrepreneur and pioneer in the world of cryptocurrency, with considerable expertise in a wide variety of fintech projects.

What new dimension did Sbaa ultimately decide to bring to life for crypto? Marketing and PR. Sbaa’s mission was to get the word out about blockchain and crypto. That was the reason he founded last year, and that company has quickly earned itself industry-wide recognition for its crypto marketing achievements, carving out a new niche for itself as the top crypto PR firm in the world in just over a year.

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“I started with zero funding and no employees, grew my business slowly over the first year, and put in 16 hours of work every day,” Sbaa explained in a recent article. “It was equally hectic to hire the right talent — people who can deliver and build our reputation in a competitive industry. I am grateful that I managed to overcome these hurdles. I had to refuse to give up, double down on my work, and continually look for inventive ways to maximize our potential and lower our costs.”