Enabling Efficient Investing: Public.com’s Leif Abraham

Co-CEO Leif Abraham has always worked with a cofounder - and he has the secret to getting along.

There are many benefits to a cofounder, including added credibility, skills, perspective, and shared workload. But personalities often clash.

Leif has co-founded multiple businesses, including Public, a fintech investing platform that he launched with Jannick Malling in 2019.

Alignment on key points is critical. In a cofounder relationship, ambiguity can sink the whole business, Leif tells RJ. You can't have a good relationship with your cofounder if you're wondering what they're really thinking. Complete honesty and transparency is not only a peacemaker, it's a business efficiency tool.

So lay it all on the table, and stop taking things personally. Only then can you guarantee a successful collaboration.

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