Ethereum Clears Final Test Before Historic Proof-Of-Stake Update

Ethereum has already done a great deal to earn its status as one of the most trusted cryptocurrencies in the world. Its long-awaited update to a proof-of-stake model next month is the first of its kind ever attempted, and if successful will allow for faster transactions while expending a fraction of the energy. Whether the blockchain-driven network behind the eponymous ether currency could manage such an ambitious undertaking has been the subject of much speculation.

As of the successful test merge of the Goerli test network on August 10, Ethereum’s prospects for success look more like a sure thing. Although the test encountered an expected drop in participation, its overall results indicate that the Ethereum network is truly ready to move to proof-of-stake.

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“A successful Merge = chain finalizes,” finance researcher Christine Kim tweeted after the test was complete. “Sure, participation rate dropped and looks like there may have been an issue with one of the clients, but the Merge worked. We'll likely see minor issues like this with the upgrade on mainnet too, but the point is, the Merge worked.”