FieldEdge and GreenSky Announce Partnership

Field service management software provider FieldEdge has entered into an integration partnership with financial lending company GreenSky. This collaboration is aimed at addressing the current delay-filled standard process for obtaining loans in the contracting industry. FieldEdge's president Connie Certusi announced the newly-forged partnership at the 2019 AHR Expo in Atlanta, Georgia.

The collaboration comes after FieldEdge conducted a targeted market research study on the subject last year. The company's examiners discovered that one of the major setbacks experienced by professionals within the contracting sector came from the lengthy procedures typically required for securing financing. According to FieldEdge, the entire application and approval process for such loans can take as much as two weeks, significantly impairing the ability of contracting companies to close deals quickly.

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FieldEdge realized that an integrated collaboration with GreenSky could help alleviate these long waits for financing approval. The Atlanta-based company provides technological solutions to merchants and banks to facilitate consumer loans, enabling over $5 billion in loans over the past five years.

Because GreenSky’s loan application is paperless and user-friendly, the process is streamlined and several major roadblocks present in a traditional loan application are removed. Moreover, since GreenSky connects bank and buyer directly, contractors will no longer need to undergo specialized training or carry company-issued technology when they go through FieldEdge. Ultimately, the entire process is simplified, wait times are decreased, and contracting businesses are empowered to close deals sooner and increase their overall revenues.

Certusi noted that "consideration of the customer's time and experience were the priorities behind this partnership. We are excited to have worked so closely with GreenSky and welcome an integration partner that allows us to expand our offerings to our customers, specifically financial offerings."

FieldEdge was founded in the 1970s as Coastal Computer Corp., and the company was later known as dESCO before rebranding itself under its current name in 2017. FieldEdge has been offering its clients service management software solutions since 1979, introducing its first electronic dispatch boards in the 1990s and a low-cost mobile solution early last decade. In the past several years, FieldEdge has realized triple-digit growth in revenue and company size with the addition of several integration partners to expand its service offerings.