Financial “Super App” Curve Scores $1B Lending Deal with Credit Suisse

In a market that has become thoroughly saturated with the last decade’s breakthroughs in financial technology, services such as digital banking and buy now, pay later (BNPL) have become more than just normal, they’ve become a necessity for many consumers.

Now, fintech startup Curve is aiming at something more than “normal” with its latest offerings. Since its launch in 2018, the company has built its business around bringing exciting new services to the table, from splitting any purchase into monthly installments with Curve Flex to a “Go Back in Time” feature that lets users move prior purchases between accounts. And with the announcement of a new deal with Credit Suisse that backs Curve’s first $1 billion in loans, it's prepared to bring these features and more to life across multiple international markets in the near future.

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“Securing financing of this size during this period of economic uncertainty is a testament to the broad support of our bold expansion plans underpinned with now demonstrated expertise with data,” said Paul Harrald, Curve’s Group Chief Information Officer and the Chief Executive Officer of its consumer lending division, Curve Credit. “We certainly are very pleased with the results of our lending to date, with our highly responsible approach encouraging responsible borrowing providing for excellent credit quality in a difficult market.”