Fintech CEO Jeremy Almond: Surviving the Market Downturn Is Only Possible with “Relentless Optimism”

The past several months have not inspired a sunny attitude among crypto companies and fintech startups. With small companies going under outright and even large institutions like Klarna shedding large portions of their staffs, the future has been looking particularly grim for fintechs.

According to Jeremy Almond, Chief Executive Officer of B2B payments fintech Paystand, that’s all the more reason to keep an optimistic mindset. In fact, as he explained in an interview, the looming crypto winter may only be survivable for those companies that couple a “relentless optimism for the future” with a “brutal understanding of the facts.”

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“As a company, you always want to be resilient in case of hard times but also optimistic about the world we are creating,” said Almond. To the latter point, he said that it is to the advantage of a company to consider their own future in terms of a larger global context, explaining, “In this market, the best developers will go to the best companies that are making the most real-world impact on business and consumers.”

In other words, there’s nothing to be gained by focusing on the doom and gloom of the current market. To survive this bear market, in Almond’s opinion, fintechs need to not only imagine there is a future for their company, but need to work to make that future brighter for everyone.